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We've trained over 10,000 scientists and engineers!

What can training focused on scientists and engineers do for your organization?

Enthought instructors have advanced degrees in a variety of scientific domains and have expertise in Python, data analysis, visualization, and machine learning.
We've been teaching for over 20 years, upskilling scientists and engineers with our in-depth approach.
Your employees learn faster and retain more with familiar content and an instructor who understands the kind of work that happens in R&D. The skills students use can be put into practice right away.

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We've trained 10,000+ professionals.

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  • Enthought Academy courses are designed with scientific examples and content
  • Take a class; invest in a corporate class
  • All relevant classes count toward certificate programs
  • Certificate validation for posting with professional profiles
  • In-person and online, our expert trainers work with your students and are available for one-on-one troubleshooting

Live instruction from experts makes all the difference.

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Our instructors possess professional, first-hand experience with the tools and technologies covered in our courses.  They have masters and doctorates in scientific fields such as chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, and physics.  All have extensive experience through research and consulting in applying Python to solve complex problems across a range of industries, allowing them to bring their real world experience to the classroom every day.

Taught by scientists & engineers. For scientists & engineers.

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Our classes are live and instructor-led because our students’ time is precious. Students are busy. Making time to watch videos and read books is a lot to ask.

At Enthought Academy, our instructors are scientists and engineers themselves, each with 15+ years of programming experience. They understand the types of problems students are trying to solve. They may even have solved the very same problems in their careers. The truly unique thing about our instructors is their enthusiasm for creating supporting learning environments in which they can assess prior knowledge, correct it if needed, and build on it.

About our curriculum

The curriculum at Enthought Academy is designed with the goal of infusing your scientists and engineers with hands-on knowledge to solve your most challenging business problems with game-changing solutions. We call this digital DNA.

The content in our courses is relevant and grounded in science and engineering.

Machine Learning Track & Certificate

All courses focus on building good mental models that can be applied to solving science and engineering problems with modern machine learning techniques.

Data Analysis Track & Certificate

Beginning with working effectively with scientific data in Python, courses reinforce analysis techniques of time series, grouping, and multi-dimensional data, and extend the visualization into complex graphical types.

Tool Maker Track & Certificate

Students learn to make robust, maintainable software to solve science and engineering problems using the best tools and processes used by software developers. Course projects focus on building models, simulations, and effective data entry and reporting applications.

Manager Track & Certificate

Designed for Managers of scientific & engineering teams, this track of study is designed to infuse broad knowledge of Python concepts, tools and techniques for building scientific and engineering software, and presents the concepts covered in the Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and Tool Maker tracks of study.


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What Our Students Say

You can't get that from a Google'd tutorial.
I thought the instructor was both very knowledgeable and very willing to listen to the questions and concerns of students. There was no barrier to asking questions, and he took the time needed to help us learn.
The instructor was very experienced and trustworthy… this is what makes a high-quality course well worth the time and money.
I feel like I got way more than what I paid for. This was an excellent overview of Machine Learning and I highly recommend this course.

Meet Our Academy Instructors


Logan Thomas

Senior DTX Services Consultant and Instructor


Eric Olsen

Director, Training Solutions


Glen Granzow

Scientific Software Technical Trainer


Kuya Takami

Senior DTX Services Consultant and Instructor


Tim Diller

Director, Digital Transformation Services


Mark Dickinson

Director, Software Architecture


Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc

Vice President, Digital Transformation Solutions

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