Applied Computing Program

Walk away with knowledge and value-driven solutions

Length  10 Weeks (200hrs)

What is it?  A cohesive program that is a combination of classroom training, standard project work, and an apprenticeship tailored to your specific needs.

Who is the program for?   For those who want a deep understanding of how digital innovation can improve their workflows, and how to make that happen.

Unlock the Art of the Possible

Solve problems you never thought you could. 

This program teaches you how to approach science and engineering problems in a digital way.  You will develop coding skills that will allow you to build the models, simulations, and visualizations that will enhance your existing scientific and engineering capabilities.

10X Your Output

Get more done, so you can make more discoveries. 

This program will help you accelerate your science.  By learning how to collect, store, and analyze data in an automated fashion, you will be able to do more experiments, more quickly.

Make Yourself Indispensable 

Bring value to the business as well as to the individual.

With Enthought’s value-driven approach, you will walk away with concrete skills you can use on your first day back and continue to use for years to come.

Who Should Attend?
  • Scientists and Engineers who write code but don’t consider themselves programmers.

  • Scientists and Engineers who have a modeling, simulation, or visualization idea, but don’t know where to start.

  • Scientists and Engineers with an idea that requires more science or engineering knowledge than most developers have in order to execute.

Not Your Average Program

Consulting-Style Apprenticeship

This program is a classroom and consulting project hybrid. You select and drive your project forward based on your needs, we provide you with the knowledge and skills to do so. This means you will leave the class with a solution that can immediately be used to deliver value to your business.

Fix Problems While Learning New Skills

This program is different.  Before the program ends, you will already be applying the new knowledge you gain in class, to your specific problem.  This will cement your skills and give you an immediate, tangible return on your investment.


How You'll Learn

Classroom Training

20h/week for 2 weeks

Gain knowledge  Learn the basics of data analysis using Python.

Practicum and Apprenticeship Project Proposal

6–10h/week for 5 weeks

Gain skills  Work on a standard project to build a data analysis pipeline/dashboard using standard data.

Identify digital potential  Put together a proposal for the project you will work on during the Apprenticeship.


40h/week for 3 weeks

Apply skills to your data  Work on your own project using your own data, with daily mentoring and support from Enthought Experts.

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