Oil & Gas Case Studies

Seismic facies data used to train a machine learning algorithm

Accelerating Seismic Interpretation
with Machine Learning

Custom processing workflows automatically define
stratigraphic sequences within seismic volumes,
replicating the work of an interpreter

Machine Learning for
Thin Section Analysis

10x efficiency gain and improved classification using
deep learning for processing massive image datasets,
providing convenient visualization and labeling capabilities

Analyzing and Upscaling Core Using
AI Techniques with Machine Learning

AI-assisted workflow uses log, core, and textures
derived from core photographs to upscale
detailed measurements over the core length

Envisage Block Canvas

Rock Physics Modelling

A model-centric approach is applied to develop a
visual programming application to represent how
properties of rocks result in observable characteristics

Cross-section view of seismic data converted using velocity model

Greenfield Pore Pressure Prediction

AI techniques use seismic and limited log data in Equatorial Guinea to support exploration well design decisions

ProAVA Stimulation View

Probabilistic Seismic Analysis

Stochastic AVA/AVO seismic analysis using Monte Carlo
techniques and Bayesian probability theory estimate
the presence of oil, gas, or water in layers of interest

Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Sensing

Offshore Exploration using Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Sounding

Calibration, analysis, and visualization of CSEM data through tables,
maps, and graphs, applying different calibrations to different data subsets, significantly improving accuracy and efficiency

Manufacturing Case Studies

3D CAD Simulation for Computational Fluid Dynamics Optimization

Water-tight geometry construction from primitives with parametric changes enable virtual mixing experiments at Procter & Gamble

HSSI Job Runner

Electrical Instrument Test Automation

Automating testing of electrical characteristics of the communications chips subsystems significantly improves efficiency and includes capability to debug design problems

VMA Main Screen

Interactive Fluid Mixing Design Application

Rule-based adviser for designing fluid mixing equipment allows engineers to set specifications, while pointing out common pitfalls, and the need for expert advice

Microrheology Lab Software

Sub-pixel Particle Tracking Analysis

Micro-rheology lab capturing the motion of micron-scale tracer particles in the test fluid through a microscope, avoiding cumbersome rheology experiments

Visualization Technologies

Mayavi Stages

3D Visualization Including Volume Rendering

Mayavi provides a scriptable GUI application for non-programmers to make use of the power of the open source Visual Toolkit (VTK) without the need to learn it

Chaco Contour Image

2D Interactive Data Visualization

Chaco is an open-source, fast, component-based graphical toolkit for general drawing, easily composed from reusable components, including plotting-specific drawing components

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