Lessons for Geoscientists from the book Real World AI: A Practical Guide for Responsible Machine Learning

Category: Energy, Technology

In this blog article Enthought Energy Solutions vice president Mason Dykstra looks at the recently published book titled “Real World AI: A Practical Guide for Responsible Machine Learning” in the context of both the technical challenges faced by geoscientists and how to scale. Author: Mason Dykstra, Ph.D., Vice President, Energy Solutions  In the newly released …
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Geophysics in the Cloud Competition

Category: Energy, Technology

Join the 2021 GSH Geophysics in the cloud competition. Build a novel seismic inversion app and access all the data on demand with serverless cloud storage. Example notebooks show how to access this data and use AWS SageMaker to build your ML models. With prizes. Author: Ben Lasscock, Ph.D., Manager, Strategic Technologies, Energy Solutions   …
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Giving Visibility to Renewable Energy

Category: Energy, Technology, Transformation

The EnergizAIR Infrastructure framework and key interfaces, with the Enthought responsibility on the project shown in the central, grey box. The ultimate project goal was to raise individual awareness of the contribution of renewable energy sources, and ultimately change behaviors. Now ten years later, with orders of magnitude more data, AI/machine learning, cloud, and smartphones …
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SEG 2020 Attendees Asked. We Answered.

Category: Energy, News, Technology, Transformation

In an example away from seismic, this shows a thin section, where machine learning techniques can be applied across multiple images, ones previously unused due to the significant demands of expert time, and difficulties in organizing and sharing data. See a demo at: https://www.enthought.com/industries/oil-and-gas/core-analysis/ Author: Brendon Hall, Ph.D., Director, Energy Solutions   The SEG 2020 …
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A Dual Strategic Challenge in Energy

Category: Energy, Transformation

An AI-based assistant gives energy company geoscientists the ability to quickly visualize and analyze hundreds of CT scan images. Visualization, image analysis, and AI/machine learning techniques are increasingly areas of innovation and value for science-driven businesses. Shown here a thin section classification tool, with analogues in multiple other science-driven industries. https://www.enthought.com/case-studies/10x-efficiency-gain-and-improved-classification-using-deep-learning/   A Dual Strategic …
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