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SciPy 2017 Conference to Showcase Leading Edge Developments in Scientific Computing with Python

Renowned scientists, engineers and researchers from around the world to gather July 10-16, 2017 in Austin, TX to share and collaborate to advance scientific computing tools

Enthought, as Institutional Sponsor, today announced the SciPy 2017 Conference will be held July 10-16, 2017 in Austin, Texas. At this 16th annual installment of the conference, scientists, engineers, data scientists and researchers will participate in tutorials, talks and developer sprints designed to foster the continued rapid growth of the scientific Python ecosystem. This year’s attendees hail from over 25 countries and represent academia, government, national research laboratories, and industries such as aerospace, biotechnology, finance, oil and gas and more.

“Since 2001, the SciPy Conference has been a highly anticipated annual event for the scientific and analytic computing community,” states Dr. Eric Jones, CEO at Enthought and SciPy Conference co-founder. “Over the last 16 years we’ve witnessed Python emerge as the de facto open source programming language for science, engineering and analytics with widespread adoption in research and industry. The powerful tools and libraries the SciPy community has developed are used by millions of people to advance scientific inquest and innovation every day.” Read more

Enthought Receives 2017 Product of the Year Award From National Instruments LabVIEW Tools Network

Python Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW recognized for extending LabVIEW connectivity and bringing the power of Python to applications in Test, Measurement and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Enthought, a global leader in scientific and analytic computing solutions, was honored this week by National Instruments with the LabVIEW Tools Network Platform Connectivity 2017 Product of the Year Award for its Python Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW.

First released at NIWeek 2016, the Python Integration Toolkit enables fast, two-way communication between LabVIEW and Python. With seamless access to the Python ecosystem of tools, LabVIEW users are able to do more with their data than ever before. For example, using the Toolkit, a user can acquire data from test and measurement tools with LabVIEW, perform signal processing or apply machine learning algorithms in Python, display it in LabVIEW, then share results using a Python-enabled web dashboard. Read more

Weatherford Labs and Enthought Collaborate to Analyze Chicxulub Crater Core

Crater Believed to Be Tied to Dinosaur Extinction Event

Weatherford Labs and Enthought announced that they are participating in the study of a 2,725-ft (830-m) core recovered from the central area of the Chicxulub Crater. The crater, located in the Gulf of Mexico beneath the Yucatán Peninsula, is believed to have been caused by the same asteroid that led to a mass extinction event 66 million years ago.

Enthought’s Virtual Core software will be used to analyze the CT scan data and create a three-dimensional digital ‘fingerprint’ of the core. The software provides machine learning feature detection intelligence and visualization capabilities for detailed insight into the composition and structure of the core, which is critical data needed to understand the processes that occurred during the impact. This digital representation of the core’s features will also preserve the data for future exploration. Read more

SciPy Conference for Scientific and Analytic Computing with Python Poised for Record Attendance

Leading scientists, engineers and researchers from around the world to gather in Austin July 6-12 to discuss data science and scientific computing

Enthought, as Institutional Sponsor, today announced a record pace for registrations and sponsorships for the SciPy 2014 Conference being held July 6-12, 2014 in Austin, Texas. Early bird registrations significantly outpaced last year’s record number and the number of participating sponsor organizations is up nearly 50% from 2013 event, reflecting the growing importance of data science and scientific computing across a broad array of industries and academic research. This year’s registrants hail from over 25 countries and represent academia, government and industries such as aerospace, market research, finance, electronics, geoscience, healthcare and more. Read more

Enthought Announces the Worldwide Launch of its Python for Excel Solution

PyXLL combined with Enthought Canopy provides a powerful, supported platform that makes it easy to write add-ins to Microsoft Excel in Python

Enthought a leading provider of scientific and analytic software powered by Python, today announced its partnership with PyXLL Ltd. to become the exclusive worldwide distributor of PyXLL, a powerful tool used to create add-ins for Microsoft Excel in the Python programming language. This new partnership gives PyXLL customers the support of Enthought’s distinguished development team and offers Enthought Canopy customers an integrated solution for deploying to Excel. PyXLL is ideal for those who need to provide Python-based models, algorithms and analyses to end-users in Excel. Read more

Enthought Canopy Now Supports Python Tools for Visual Studio

Canopy Python distribution and Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) provide seamless development environment for scientific and analytic computing

Enthought is pleased to announce that Enthought Canopy version 1.2 provides streamlined integration between Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) and Enthought Canopy. Organizations developing scientific and analytic computing applications now have a more complete, robust solution, with development tools in PTVS for programmers and analysis tools in Canopy for scientists, engineers and analysts. With the PTVS integration, it is now easier for software groups to develop and deploy Python/C/C++ applications built on Enthought Canopy. Read more

Enthought Canopy helps FEI Revolutionize Transmission Electron Microscopy

Enthought’s Canopy Scientific Computing Platform and Application Consulting Expertise Accelerates Time to Market for FEI

Enthought is pleased to announce that FEI (Nasdaq:FEIC), a leading global supplier of scientific instruments for nanoscale applications and solutions for industry and science, has launched its new Velox™ software product line developed jointly with Enthought and based on Enthought’s Canopy scientific computing platform. The Canopy platform provides FEI with a Python-based application infrastructure used to rapidly develop and deploy important capabilities to its customers.  

Working closely with FEI’s customer experts and in-house software group, Enthought’s consulting team helped develop the data acquisition, real-time analysis, visualization and work-flow applications that deliver immediate value to FEI customers. Read more

Enthought Awarded $1M DOE SBIR Grant to Develop Python HPC Framework

Software will bring the strengths of Python and NumPy to high-performance computing (HPC) and improve the usability of Trilinos HPC solvers.

Enthought today announced that the company has been awarded a $1M Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) grant by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) to expand the capabilities of Python and NumPy for high-performance distributed computing.

The open-source Python HPC framework being developed under this Phase II SBIR will help address the growing need to easily access parallel computing resources by bringing the strengths and ease-of-use of the popular Python programming language and NumPy multidimensional arrays to high-performance and parallel computing.Read more

Enthought Introduces Enthought Canopy, a Python Analysis Environment for Scientific and Analytic Computing

Enthought Canopy provides a comprehensive analysis desktop and proven Python distribution for scientists, engineers and analysts

Enthought today announced the introduction of Enthought Canopy, a new Python-based analysis environment for scientists, engineers and analysts. Python, an open, intuitive language with extensive numeric, analytic and scientific libraries, is used pervasively in scientific and analytic computing. Canopy’s proven Python distribution and comprehensive analysis desktop simplify data collection, manipulation and analysis, and streamline algorithm prototyping and testing. Read more

Enthought and Python Help Award Winning European Renewable Energy Project Succeed

Rock solid IT infrastructure allows EnergizAIR renewable energy project to expand to more countries.

Enthought is pleased to have collaborated with the European non-profit Association for the Promotion of Renewable Energy (APERe) on the EnergizAIR project. The first phase of this project began in April 2010 and concluded in June of 2012. It is about to start phase two expanding into countries beyond the original 5. This project has a virtually unshakable IT infrastructure, developed in conjunction by Enthought and EnergizAIR. Read more

Enthought Provides Python Distribution to edX Students for Online Programming Course

Students taking MITx's "6.00x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming" on edX download over 20,000 copies of the Enthought Python Distribution

Enthought, the Python-based technical computing solutions company, announced today that it has supplied over 20,000 downloads of its Enthought Python Distribution (EPD) Free to students taking MITx's "6.00x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming" on edX, the online learning initiative founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Read more


Pandas Mastery Workshop

An Exclusive Peek "Under the Hood" of Enthought Training

Enthought’s Pandas Mastery Workshop is designed to accelerate the development of skill and confidence with Python’s Pandas data analysis package — in just three days, you’ll look like an old pro! This course was created ground up by our training experts based on insights from the science of human learning, as well as what we’ve learned from over a decade of extensive practical experience of teaching thousands of scientists, engineers, and analysts to use Python effectively in their everyday work.

In this webinar, we’ll give you the key information and insight you need to evaluate whether the Pandas Mastery Workshop is the right solution to advance your data analysis skills in Python, including:

  1. Who will benefit most from the course
  2. A guided tour through the course topics
  3. What skills you’ll take away from the course, how the instructional design supports that
  4. What the experience is like, and why it is different from other training alternatives (with a sneak peek at actual course materials)
  5. What previous workshop attendees say about the course


Enthought Deployment Server

Solving Enterprise Python Deployment Headaches

Built on 15 years of experience of Python packaging and deployment for Fortune 500 companies, the NEW Enthought Deployment Server provides enterprise-grade tools that take the pain out of Python deployment.

In this webinar, you'll see an overview of Enthought Deployment Server features, including:

  1. How to access a private copy of 450+ packages in the Enthought Python Distribution (EPD) (both the latest Enthought-approved releases and historical versions)
  2. How to centrally control versions and deploy both internal packages and packages from EPD (to both GUI and command line users)
  3. How to use repositories managed through the Enthought Deployment Server to manage development, beta, and production versions of internal packages
  4. How the Deployment Server tools ensure consistent environments with a specialized package dependency solver

Python Toolkit for LabVIEW

Intro to the Python Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW

LabVIEW is a software platform made by National Instruments, used widely in industries such as semiconductors, telecommunications, aerospace, manufacturing, electronics, and automotive for test and measurement applications. In August 2016, Enthought released the Python Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW, which is a “bridge” between the LabVIEW and Python environments.

In this webinar, we demonstrate:

  1. How the new Python Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW from Enthought seamlessly brings the power of the Python ecosystem of scientific and engineering tools to LabVIEW
  2. Examples of how you can extend LabVIEW with Python, including using Python for signal and image processing, cloud computing, web dashboards, machine learning, and more

Enthought Canopy Topics

Fast Forward Through the “Dirty Work” of Data Analysis:
New Python Data Import and Manipulation Tool Makes Short Work of Data Munging Drudgery

See how the new Canopy Data Import Tool can significantly reduce the time you spend on data analysis “dirty work,” by helping you:

  • Load various data file types and URLs containing embedded tables into Pandas DataFrames
  • Perform common data munging tasks that improve raw data
  • Handle complicated and/or messy data
  • Extend the work done with the tool to other data files

PyXLL (Python for Excel) Topics

Deploying Python to Excel with PyXLL
See how PyXLL makes it easy to write Excel add-ins to leverage the capabilities of Python and the simplicity of the presentation of Excel.

Supercharging Excel Analytics with Python
See how the Python for Excel (PyXLL) add-in helps solve data analysis challenges with advanced Python tools and analytic engines.

Training on Demand Topics

Working Better, Smarter, and Faster in Python with Enthought Training on Demand
This webinar demonstrates how Enthought Training on Demand can help both new Python users and experienced Python developers be better, smarter, and faster at the scientific and analytic computing tasks that directly impact their daily productivity and drive results.