3D Visualization Including Volume Rendering

Mayavi: a scriptable GUI application for non-programmers


Client: Open Source

Mayavi CFD Grid
CFD Grid
Mayavi Mag Field
Mag Field
Mayavi Stages
Mayavi Streamlines


3D visualization is becoming increasingly important, but is also a difficult problem itself. The open source Visualization Toolkit (VTK) is a popular package providing world-class implementations of a wide variety of 3D visualization algorithms. However, as a C++ toolkit it can be quite cumbersome to use. Scientists want to interact with their data quickly.


Dr. Prabhu Ramachandran has used our open source technologies to wrap the C++ VTK library for Python and write the Mayavi GUI application. Our open source Traits library is used to create a much simpler Python API around VTK components. Traits also helps generate rich GUIs, both automatic and customized, for the full range of VTK components with little effort. Mayavi provides a scriptable GUI application for non-programmers to make use of the power of VTK without forcing them to learn it. Mayavi is built with our Envisage application framework, and can be reused as a plug-in to other Envisage applications. Mayavi is part of our open source toolset.

Mayavi in Action

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