Python Foundations

Python Foundations

3 or 5 Day Courses

Online-Live Virtual or In-Person

Course Details

Course Details

This 20 hour intensive Python training class provides people with prior coding experience practical, hands-on experience and foundational working knowledge of Python for data analysis, science, engineering, and other technical applications. Whether you are new to Python or a long-time enthusiast, you’ll benefit from this focused series of topics and best practices taught by experts who create Python software for notable companies in finance, oil and gas, scientific research, aerospace, biotechnology, marketing analysis and more.

This course is instructor-led. Consult the class schedule for times and locations. Course registration will close at 12pm CT the Thursday before a Monday start date.

Course Overview

The Python Foundations class will get you up to speed quickly on how to optimize your use of the Python standard language and key Python packages for data exploration, modeling, and analysis.

  • It begins with a one-day introduction to the Python language focusing on standard data structures, control constructs, and code organization.
  • We then cover object-oriented programming in Python.
  • After a brief overview of the Scientific Python ecosystem, we dive into techniques for numeric data processing, including efficiently manipulating and processing large data sets using NumPy arrays and data visualization with 2D plots using Matplotlib.
  • Next up is an introduction to Pandas to efficiently load, clean, normalize, aggregate, transform, and visualize data.

Course FAQs

We’re going online to respect the social distancing measures brought in to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our training programs will be taught virtually, with sessions delivered in real-time by Enthought trainers.

More information on format, schedule and delivery is available on the individual course pages. Some of the more common questions regarding virtual training are answered below.

How do I join the virtual sessions? 

The course will be held on GoToWebinar. We will send details on how to register and join one week before the course starts.

Are the sessions recorded? 

No – to get the most out of the program we encourage you to attend the live sessions. Recordings are not provided.

Will I be able to interact during a live session? 

Yes! We encourage you to interact during the live sessions in order to get the most out of your training.