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Advances in instrumentation and methods have inundated life sciences with data, from which powerful insights can be drawn. Effectively leveraging computational solutions and AI to understand your data requires a unique skillset that blends software, statistics, and science.

For 18 years, Enthought has been building hard science solutions and leading the scientific Python computing community.


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Whether it’s chemistry or biology, genetics or genomics, wet lab or dry lab, our team’s deep knowledge of science enables us to understand your business challenges and help find digital, scientific solutions.

Over 90% of Enthought’s team have advanced science, engineering, and math degrees, and 65% hold PhDs.

ASHG Poster Session

We are proud to have presented  the following posters at the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. Both posters can be downloaded below.

ASHG 2019 features invited presentations by the world’s leading geneticists, in addition to symposia, workshops, and abstract-driven sessions about new developments in basic, translational, and clinical human genetics research and technology.

Searching Efficiently Through (Genomic) Sequences with Vantage Point Trees.

J. Vankerschaver; R. Kern; S.J. Kern; P. Zahemszky; C. Mueller; R. Cardwell



Natural Language Processing Tool for Automated Curation and Quality Assessment of Reference Databases; a Case Study Using 16s rRNA Repositories

S.J. Kern1; J. Portman1; C. Webster1; I. Cernyte1; Y. Kiridooshi2; W. Suda3; C. Mueller 1;  R. Cardwell1


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