Digitally Transforming Laboratory Research

Laboratories can offer orders of magnitude improvements in efficiency and results delivered through digital transformation. New skills and digital technologies enable scientists to discover new data and workflows, removing drudgery from their work while significantly improving performance. 

In this video Mike Connell, VP Organizational Transformation, discusses the possibilities digital transformation can bring to chemistry research laboratories.

Mike Connell | 2m30s | Digitally Transforming a Chemicals Laboratory

Where Science is Critical to Success

Enthought works with companies where science is critical to success. Specifically, where digital technologies and skills create possibilities for orders of magnitude improvements in business performance.

In a laboratory, this can mean automating image ingestion, classification using machine learning techniques, visualization with software tools (enabling experts to re-train models), and an infrastructure designed to enable collaboration, compute and scale.

Enthought scientists have business-relevant domain expertise, enabling greater understanding of client challenges. Combining this with coding skills enables rapid prototyping to get started immediately in creating the new possibilities enabled by digital technologies.


Create New Possibilities

Talk to us about transforming your lab performance, removing drudgery from the work of scientists, and using the power of today's AI/Machine Learning techniques.