For oil & gas companies where science can have a significant, direct impact on the business, Enthought collaborates to solve the most challenging problems. Enthought applies deep expertise in science, leadership in AI/machine learning tools and techniques, with an organizational competence in change management, necessary to sustain and scale the impact.

Science Expertise

Oil & Gas companies rely on hard science to innovate and drive competitive advantage.

Enthought hires PhDs from various backgrounds that speak the language of science so you don’t have to explain things twice.

Enthought’s team is 85% advanced science, engineering and math degrees and 70% hold PhDs.

Software / AI Solutions

Oil & Gas invented “Big Data”, but how do we leverage AI to maximize the value of data?

Applying AI to oil & gas problems takes special care and an understanding of oil & gas specific problems to architect machine learning solutions.

For 17 years, Enthought has been building oil & gas solutions and leading the Python science community.

Organizational Change

Digital transformation does not come from strategy documents, nor from technology alone.

True digital transformation is technology that works, company-wide adoption, and a decision making team with authority.

Enthought enables/becomes the Chief Digital Officer and trains nearly 1,000 technical experts a year.

Seismic facies data used to train a machine learning algorithm

Accelerating Seismic Interpretation
with Machine Learning

Custom processing workflows automatically define
stratigraphic sequences within seismic volumes,
replicating the work of an interpreter

Digital Transformation for Science-Driven Companies


Facies Classification
using Machine Learning

#1 downloaded article from The Leading Edge for 12 months

There’s been much excitement recently about big data and the dire need for data scientists who possess the ability to extract meaning from it. In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to use a machine learning classification algorithm (known as a support vector machine) to identify lithofacies based on well log measurements.

We are Scientists that Code

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