Learn how you can transform the business of science.

The oil and gas industry has embraced the era of “lower for longer,” where oil prices are expected to remain depressed for the near future. In this environment, profits increase when companies improve performance – increasing output and reducing costs. With deep expertise in scientific computing and machine learning, Enthought delivers improved performance for profit.

True innovation is often found at the intersection of Business, Science, Technology, and People. Leaving just one of these out creates an imbalanced, non-optimized result.

Discover What Matters

From strategy to implementation to training, our science-first approach means we understand your unique market value at the deepest level. Our unique blend of scientists and developers deliver solutions to unite your teams and their data.

We identify and implement vertically-integrated applications to accelerate business. Our geoscience, well core, and DAS/DTS tools are just a few examples of oil & gas solutions enabling data-driven decisions today.

Unlock Hidden Value

Speaking the language of science is mandatory to unlocking hidden value. So is knowing how to handle the data deluge. We know how to extract business value from your data no matter the state or location – Big Data to Data Silos, no problem.

You need scientific understanding of the raw data, you need a robust data architecture to work with the data, and you need a vision for possible solutions. 

Solve Really Hard Problems

Solving hard problems is the nature of the oil and gas industry. When science and mounds of data get involved, the problems get even harder. The good news is that when you solve really hard problems, you get a major business advantage.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are prime examples of impact technologies. Don’t let someone tell you AI will solve all your problems, it won’t. But when applied correctly with care to the right business problem, the results are truly magnificent. AI will help you see new possibilities, it will speed up the discovery process, and it will deliver hard to reach solutions.

Optimize Your People

New technologies require new skills. You’ve got smart people. They have your values, they know your process, and they are ready to tackle new problems – now train them to command AI.

IBM projects 2.7 million job openings for data scientists by 2020. Training your people is the only scalable solution. You create business opportunity when you optimize your people.

Smarter Together

Enthought helps oil and gas companies thrive on solving the hard science problems presented by the era of “lower for longer”. Our Smarter Together process delivers value to your business with science-based solutions that empower your people to command artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies.