Life Sciences Labs Optimize with New Digital Technologies and Upskilling

5月 16, 2022

Labs are resetting the trajectory for drug development: reducing timelines from years to months; decreasing co…

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6月 11, 2023

OpenAIのChatGPTやGoogleのBardなど、大規模言語モデル(LLM)は自然言語で人と対話する能力において著しい進歩を遂げました。 ユーザーが言葉で要望を入力すれば、LLMは「理解」し、適切な回答を返してくれます。

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Scientists Who Code

10月 6, 2021

Digital skills personas for success in digital transformation The digital skills mix varies widely across comp…

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Digital-centric R&D Laboratories

2月 16, 2021

To have a transformative impact, labs must reinvent workflows through digital technologies and skills, adoptin…

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