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Data Management for Scientists & Engineers

Data Management for Scientists & Engineers

Track Data Analysis Track, Managerial Track

Data is a valuable scientific resource. In this course you will learn best practices about data stewardship as well as the digital skills needed to store, retrieve, and manage data.

Course Hours20 hours

Course Overview

This course explores solutions for managing complex scientific data. Following Python Foundations, instruction supports the next step in the Manager Track and Data Analysis Track of study.


This course requires basic proficiency with Python and the scientific Python stack.


To be announced.


Enthought instructors have advanced degrees in scientific fields such as physics, engineering, computer science, and mathematics, and all have extensive experience through research and consulting in applying Python to solve complex problems across a range of industries, allowing them to bring their real world experience to the classroom every day.


To be announced.

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Our Scientific Python Experts

Enthought Academy instructors are scientists and engineers themselves and have deep knowledge and understanding of the strategies and technologies covered in each track, and extensive practical experience applying Python to solve complex challenges across a range of science-based industries.

Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc

Vice President, Digital Transformation Solutions

Tim Diller

Director, Digital Transformation Services

Mark Dickinson

Director, Software Architecture

Eric Olsen

Director, Training Solutions

Glen Granzow

Scientific Software Technical Trainer

Sogo Shiozawa

Scientific Software Developer

Kuya Takami

Senior DTX Services Consultant and Instructor

Logan Thomas

Senior DTX Services Consultant and Instructor