Python for Scientists and Engineers

Python for Scientists and Engineers

5 Day Course

Online-Live Virtual or In-Person

Course Details

Course Details

This 40 hour class combines our Python Foundations with content relevant to scientists and engineers interested in using Python for their day-to-day computational tasks. This highly interactive training will give you a rock-solid base for building high-quality software in terms of both readability and performance. You’ll learn the essentials of the Python language and of the foundational packages of Python’s scientific ecosystem, as well as how to rapidly develop desktop applications.

This course is instructor-led. Consult the class schedule below for times and locations. Course registration will close at 12pm CT the Thursday before a Monday start date.

Course Overview

Days 1–3: Python Foundations

  • It begins with a one-day introduction to the Python language focusing on standard data structures, control constructs, and code organization.
  • We then cover object-oriented programming in Python.
  • After a brief overview of the Scientific Python ecosystem, we dive into techniques for numeric data processing, including efficiently manipulating and processing large data sets using NumPy arrays and data visualization with 2D plots using Matplotlib.
  • Next up is an introduction to Pandas to efficiently load, clean, normalize, aggregate, transform, and visualize data.

Days 4–5: Software Craftsmanship, GUI Development, and 2D Visualization

  • The fourth day covers the necessary tools to write robust and efficient Python code: a unit test framework, refactoring techniques, the Python debugger, and more.
  • The week wraps up on day five with a one-day module on building scientific Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and interactive visualization.

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