The Lab of the Future: Finding the Right Recipe for Success

The Lab of the Future: Finding the Right Recipe for Success

How to shift from a human-centric approach to a compute-centric one

By Eric Jones, PhD, Enthought CEO


The R&D laboratory of the future is here, and it’s powering scientific innovation and discovery faster and more efficiently than ever before. Yet in a 2021 survey of 200 global laboratory leaders, 64 percent admitted they weren’t investing enough in intelligent, connected technology, and 69 percent believed they would lose their competitive advantage if they didn’t find ways to connect and automate their labs. Of the science-driven companies who have started their digital initiatives, many are failing to achieve their connected lab aspirations as legacy systems with siloed data, insufficient resources, missing change agents, a growing skills gap, and a limited line of sight to business value hamper efforts.

Despite these roadblocks, companies can and should prioritize upleveling their labs—particularly as competition in both existing and emerging markets is more intense than it ever has been. If organizations are going to realize the full potential of digital transformation, they must take a step back and think about the R&D lab differently. They need to shift from a human-centric approach to a compute-centric one.

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More resources about building the Lab of the Future here.

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