Life Sciences

The Power of Automation


An introduction to the possibilities provided by automation in business and scientific workflows

Who Should Watch:

Scientists, engineers, and group leaders who have repetitive scientific tasks they would like to automate and digital transformation advisors and managers driving organizational change

You Will Learn:

The webinar will provide a short introduction to digital transformation for science-based businesses followed by real-world examples of the dramatic value added by:

  • Identifying repeatable sequences of steps to execute
  • Automating as many of those steps as possible
  • Avoiding being the human through which two computer programs communicate
  • Using templates to create recurring documents or documents whose contents change regularly

You’ll leave the webinar with ideas to take back to your organization about the tasks and workflows that lend themselves well to the power of automation.

Why Automation? What’s Really Possible?

Repetitive tasks are expensive. They negatively affect employee motivation, which in turn reduces productivity and job satisfaction. Small mistakes made when entering data can lead to outright broken system in the best case and to erroneous outputs in the worse case. Internal IT and engineering teams can help automate processes for business-critical applications but they typically don’t have the time to provide custom solutions for every single employee.

Making automation accessible to everyone can lead to tremendous cost savings and productivity growth. It leverages employee skills to do more high-level tasks and leaves more time for strategic action. Automation reduces the rate of errors and increases reliability. It can turn a once-in-a-blue-moon operation into a something done automatically every night, which can lead to new business opportunities. Automating as many processes as possible is an essential step towards digital transformation.

We created this webinar to show what is possible when individuals and teams are enabled to automate solutions to their own problems. Based on our observations about common problems and opportunities many of our clients have to impact their business, we demonstrate how a little bit of programming knowledge can help individuals and businesses save time and money, increase productivity, and make daunting tasks mundane.

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