Scientific Research Optimization

Helping innovation-driven organizations build internal digital R&D capabilities so that they can make better, faster decisions in the lab and bring new innovative products to market faster than ever before.

Life Sciences Breakthroughs

Scientific breakthroughs in drug discovery are driving Life Sciences industry companies beyond conventional methods to seek data-driven approaches to deliver new value. The competitive stakes are high. Companies winning first mover advantage are putting tremendous investments on the line to ramp up their pace of discovery. Yet, many companies are not organized to scale on their own.

Now more than ever it’s imperative that Life Sciences companies optimize and accelerate scientific processes to thrive and compete.

Enthought Inc. | Scientific Research Optimization

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Scientific Research Optimization

At Enthought, we produce purpose-built solutions that enable scientists to rapidly innovate by harnessing their data and their science. With every Scientific Research Optimization engagement, we deliver value in two components: in new technology and in the tools to produce custom workflows, which boosts R&D productivity and fosters creativity.

Many businesses focus on the organizational structure of data but miss the point: efficient access to data is foundational to iterative R&D. And, as businesses grow and teams expand, it eventually becomes clear that data stores are out of synch and cannot scale with growth.

Our Scientific Research Optimization solution was developed with these challenges in focus, and our goal is to empower scientists to take control of their data and accelerate their research.

Enthought’s Scientific Workbench

The technical framework of Scientific Research Optimization is Enthought Edge, where infrastructure connects with R&D workflow. With Edge, scientists have expanded capabilities to securely tap into data assets without any need for deep technical know-how. Think of Edge as a technical workbench for scientists, where analytical tools are ready-to-use and immediately impactful in analysis. Domain-specific APIs integrate with the technical framework of Edge. From one workbench, scientists gain direct access to data and user-friendly tools to design ad-hoc investigations.

Advantages of Using the Scientific Workbench

Extensible in design, using Edge enhances productivity and boosts creativity in scientific processes.

  • Visualize, browse, and aggregate analysis results and data across the R&D organization
  • Run predictive simulations
  • User-friendly interfaces for automating workflows and data pipelines
  • Support data governance with secure, reviewable logs
  • Define optimized workflows that advance critical scientific processes

Accelerate Scientific R&D

At Enthought, we see an underlying similarity in customer challenges: data is scattered across multiple sources and the native formats may not all be resolved for ready-access in analysis. Data generation has typically outpaced analysis capabilities, which not only frustrates workflows but limits insight and discovery. Enthought is uniquely capable of resolving these challenges.

Science is different. Scientists need more than a data visualization dashboard or rigid analysis application. They need a parallel path to iterate on research data directly. Our experts align with your personnel in a collaborative approach, as scientists with domain-specific experience.

It's Time to Accelerate Your Science

Let's talk about how Enthought's Scientific Research Optimization solution can help you accelerate scientific processes and thrive.