Picture of Mike McKerns

Mike holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a B.S. in applied physics from Notre Dame. Mike is co-founder of the UQ Foundation, a non-profit for the advancement of predictive science, as well as co-creator of OUQ theory, a rigorous mathematical framework for uncertainty quantification.

He specializes in the design and implementation of software for predictive modeling of complex physical systems under uncertainty. Mike has managed several +M$ software projects in predictive science and large-scale computing, and has been teaching Python, physics, and applied math for nearly two decades. Mike is also a Research Professor at Stony Brook in advanced computational science, and Scientific Staff at LANL in Information Sciences.

Most of his free time is spent developing open source software, as he is the primary author of several Python packages, including dill, multiprocess, pathos, ppft, klepto, and mystic.

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