Enthought Canopy helps FEI Revolutionize Transmission Electron Microscopy

Enthought’s Canopy Scientific Computing Platform and Application Consulting Expertise Accelerates Time to Market for FEI

AUSTIN, TX, Sept 9, 2013 –  Enthought is pleased to announce that FEI (Nasdaq:FEIC), a leading global supplier of scientific instruments for nanscale applications and solutions for industry and science, has launched its new Velox™ software product line developed jointly with Enthought and based on Enthought’s Canopy® scientific computing platform.  The Canopy platform provides FEI with a Python-based application infrastructure used to rapidly develop and deploy important capabilities to its customers.  Working closely with FEI’s customer experts and in-house software group, Enthought’s consulting team helped develop the data acquisition, real-time analysis, visualization and work-flow applications that deliver immediate value to FEI customers.

Enthought Canopy is a robust application platform that accelerated FEI’s Velox software development and deployment.  The Canopy application infrastructure includes a software plug-in framework, a development environment, update and deployment management tools, and open-source packages for science and analysis that have hundreds of person-years of development behind them.  By providing the application infrastructure, Canopy enabled the development team to concentrate its efforts on building cutting-edge analysis, visualization and work-flow capabilities for electron microscopy.  The popular, intuitive Python language allows FEI and its customers to quickly extend the Velox software through scripting and open platform application programming interfaces (APIs) to agilely meet specific end user needs.

“In partnership with Enthought, we made the strategic decision to adopt the Canopy platform and move towards a Python stack for our new Velox software line,” says Gerrit van der Beek, vice president of corporate technology at FEI.  “As a result of this technology selection, coupled with Enthought’s consulting expertise, we were able to develop and deploy software significantly faster.  Enthought’s scientific programming expertise, the Canopy platform, and the Python language allowed us to hit a very aggressive time-to-market deadline.”

“For more than a decade Enthought has been fortunate to work with, and help accelerate innovation at such world-class organizations as FEI,” states Dr. Eric Jones, chief executive officer of Enthought.  “Over the years we have developed deep expertise in scientific computing, knowledge that is fundamental to the products and services we offer.  Our collaboration with FEI, such a forward-looking organization with a highly capable team, exemplifies how the convergence of teamwork, technology and science can be revolutionary.”

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