Enthought Introduces Enthought Canopy, a Python Analysis Environment for Scientific and Analytic Computing

Enthought Canopy provides a comprehensive analysis desktop and proven Python distribution for scientists, engineers and analysts

AUSTIN, TX , April 10, 2013 –  Enthought today announced the introduction of Enthought Canopy, a new Python-based analysis environment for scientists, engineers and analysts. Python, an open, intuitive language with extensive numeric, analytic and scientific libraries, is used pervasively in scientific and analytic computing. Canopy’s proven Python distribution and comprehensive analysis desktop simplify data collection, manipulation and analysis, and streamline algorithm prototyping and testing.

“Unlike proprietary analysis languages and tools, Canopy offers the analytical environment we need, built on open-source Python,“ states Marcos Lopez de Prado, head of quantitative trading at Hess Energy Trading Company, and a research fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. “Thanks to Python’s popularity among Research Institutes and National Laboratories, thousands of libraries are available for complex mathematical modeling. Using it, we are able to research investment opportunities in an efficient and flexible manner.”

Enthought Canopy is the follow on to the popular Enthought Python Distribution (EPD). EPD is widely used within energy, finance, industrial automation, aerospace and government organizations for scientific and analytic computing with Python. Enthought Canopy adds an advanced text editor, integrated IPython console, graphical package manager and online documentation to Enthought’s proven Python distribution. The Canopy analysis environment streamlines data analysis, visualization, algorithm design and application development for scientists, engineers and analysts.

“Enthought Canopy is the next step in our effort to provide comprehensive, Python tools for scientists and analysts,” states Eric Jones, chief executive officer for Enthought. “Since 2001, we’ve worked to build out the underlying Python libraries, utilities and algorithms for scientific computing. Building on top of the open-source, intuitive Python language, we can increasingly focus on the tools and analysis environment that streamline the day-to-day computational tasks of scientists, engineers and analysts. With the release of Canopy, we now have the platform to integrate and streamline tools.”

Enthought Canopy 1.0 is available now on Windows and Mac OS, and in beta on Linux.

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