Canopy Enterprise

The Canopy Enterprise subscription includes Enthought Canopy, Enthought Deployment Server, and expert-level support.

Canopy with Support

Canopy provides a user-friendly Python analysis and application development environment and proven, stable Python packages for scientific R&D departments.

Canopy Enterprise includes secure, onsite access to a private copy of over 600 tested and pre-built, enterprise-grade, dependency-aware scientific and analytic Python packages for all 3 major platforms (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).

Premium Support Users

Enthought support ensures that your users have experts on call to troubleshoot blocking issues. Premium support users receive:

  • Priority personal phone and email support from Enthought’s full-time support team, including PhD-level scientists and senior Python package contributors
  • Support for topics ranging from troubleshooting code to “How-do-I ___” application development questions

Deployment Server

The Enthought Deployment Server provides organizations with a secure, reliable way to host and deploy proven scientific and analytic Python packages, scripts, notebooks, libraries, and applications to all their end users, while protecting IP and providing reproducible environments.

Centralized Management and Control
of Python Deployment

Onsite, centralized management of Python deployment for your group or organization.

Secure, Onsite Access to a Private Copy of the Proven
Enthought Python Distribution

Access over 600 enterprise-grade, pre-built, dependency-aware Python 2 and Python 3 packages for numeric and scientific computing, available for all 3 major platforms (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).

With over a million downloads, and relied on at Fortune 500 companies in security-conscious industries such as oil and gas, military and defense, finance, and aerospace—the quality and stability of our vetted Python distribution is proven.

  • Rely on a Python distribution backed by over 15 years of packaging expertise, stringent testing and quality protocols, and the experience of daily interaction with the scientific Python computing stack for enterprise applications
  • Maintain your own security and technical infrastructure with a private copy of the Enthought Python Distribution hosted on your server and behind your firewall

Watch the webinar to see key features of the Enthought Deployment Server and how it can take the pain out of Python deployment and management at your organization.

Centralized Management and Control of Packages
for Consistency and Compliance

Alleviate the concerns of the “wild west” approach to using open source software.

The Enthought Deployment Server provides centralized management and control over Python packages and environments across a team, group, organization, or full enterprise.

  • Deploy a consistent set of packages across all machines, with the flexibility to support a wide range of target systems, whether they be desktop, server, cluster, headless, embedded, or container-based
  • Download, install, and manage independent Python environments with individualized sets of standardized packages to create secure, reproducible environments
  • Manage package rollout in line with organizational approvals
  • Create your own repository of approved packages from the full distribution to comply with legal and licensing concerns

Select from both the latest Enthought-approved version and historical versions of over 600 scientific and analytic Python packages. Packages (via .egg files) are available for both Python 2 and Python 3 for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

Distribution and Management
of Proprietary Python Packages

Safely and efficiently distribute internal, private packages or applications within controlled user groups
and using your own security safeguards to protect your IP.

  • Create custom repositories on your own private server for distribution of internal proprietary packages, with ability to define specific user access groups (using LDAP)
  • Deploy multiple Python versions (including versions 2.x and 3.x), Python packages (via .egg files), executables/tools (eg, swig, minGW) libraries (eg, MKL, Qt), and applications
  • Use included packaging tools to prepare packages, including specifying package dependencies; Enthought’s specialized dependency solver automatically performs dependency analysis to match and compile all associated packages to ensure compatibility
  • Ease the technical aspects of distribution with a simple and secure deployment process; reduce technical barriers by allowing intuitive end user access and streamlined deployment

The included Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM) tool performs dependency solving as part of package management.

Workflows for the Software Development Lifecycle and
Reproducible Historical Environment Management

Create separate repositories for development, user acceptance testing (UAT), and current and historical production systems with support for Continuous Integration (CI) workflow.

  • Maintain and manage multiple simultaneous Python and package versions to ensure consistent development and production environments
  • Create sandbox and standardized environments
  • Easily incorporate the Enthought Deployment Server in existing Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines, without ever leaving your firewall
  • Support historical code and software by maintaining multiple environments and configurations

Multi-repository management through an intuitive web interface.

Enthought Deployment Server Features

Enterprise-Grade Python Package Collection
  • Select from over 600 curated, tested, pre-built, and pre-compiled scientific and numeric Python packages from the Enthought Python Distribution
  • Packages available for Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • Packages and version updates are fully vetted with robust test protocols and stringent quality controls before being released into the Enthought repository to ensure regressions are caught and fixed before risking deployment in production pipelines
  • Control updates from the Enthought cloud repository with client-defined remote server synchronization
  • Cluster / node deployment included at no additional cost
Multi-Repository Support and Private Package Management
  • Protect your IP with private onsite repositories with user access group controls (via current LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory systems)
  • Store and deploy proprietary / internal packages
  • The Deployment Server client tool (edm) performs comprehensive dependency analysis to match and compile all associated packages with (the legacy enstaller tool is also supported)
  • Supports multiple repositories, including capacity for multiple Python versions and staging repositories for development, testing, and deployment
  • Manage multiple environments and package sets
Python Runtime, Package, and Application Deployment Tools
  • Deploy multiple Python versions (including versions 2.x and 3.x), Python packages (via .egg files), executables/tools (eg, swig, minGW) libraries (eg, MKL, Qt), and applications
  • Simple and secure deployment process with support for firewalled / proxy environments
  • Installation and updates are initiated from the client side for full timing control
  • Tool chain for converting Python eggs into Enthought eggs for both non-Python and binary dependencies (including custom internal / homemade dependencies)
Security and User Access Controls
  • Integrate with your existing IT and security infrastructure with management of an approved set of packages behind your safeguards
  • Native permissioning by repository, group, or user with full visibility on user access rights and segmentation
  • User and system access activities logged for audit support
  • Credentialed login with LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory support
  • Scalable to go from small groups to global enterprises
Administration Tools
  • Easy automation and scripting for package management via the command line (CLI)
  • Web-based management tools for user, team, and repository administration
  • Simple web interface to list and search repository contents
  • Synchronization with Enthought’s servers can be automated or initiated manually by designated staff
Technical System Requirements
  • Admin access to a Linux server with RHEL/CentOS 7.0 or above and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or newer (virtual or physical)
  • 4 CPUs (virtual or physical) with 8 GiB RAM
  • Ports 8800 and 80 accessible
  • LDAP authentication support if user access controls are desired (LDAP 389 DS, Free IPA, Open LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory 2008 & 2012)