Lower for Longer Demands Performance for Profit

The Oil & Gas industry has embraced the era of “lower for longer,” where oil prices are expected to remain depressed for the near future. In this environment, profits increase when companies improve performance – increasing output and reducing costs.

With deep expertise in scientific computing and machine learning, Enthought delivers improved performance for profit.

Your Advantage

With machine learning, your people and your data become your biggest advantage. Your analysts develop the algorithms and train them on your data to produce machine learning models that do the analysis work. Use your advantage to get an intelligent edge on the competition.

Machine Learning

Teach a computer to recognize patterns, classify objects, and make decisions. Machine learning is evolving rapidly, and Enthought’s plug-and-play platform lets you update and leverage the latest machine learning algorithms.

Scientific Libraries

Since 2001, Enthought has led the scientific Python community and developed a leading collection of state-of-the-art libraries which are the building blocks of machine learning.

Compute Engine

Enthought deploys your models where you need them most: computers in the remote field (edge computing), your laptop, or your enterprise’s high performance computing cluster.

Your Workflow

Out-of-the-box workflows and algorithms, customizable through the Python interface.

Your Data

You have data collected into one or more silos; leave it in place and put this valuable resource to work training machine learning models that implement your people’s brightest ideas.

Application Deployment

1) R & D Center

Build  |  Test  |  Analyze  |  Learn  |  Deploy

Your scientific experts and data science team develop new algorithms in a laboratory environment with access to historical data.

2) Field

Algorithms developed in your R&D center are deployed to the field, producing insights close to the source of the data.

3) Enterprise Dashboard

Key results of your deployed algorithms are distilled in a dashboard visible wherever you need it.