Enthought Canopy Features

Python Code Editor, Graphical Debugger with Variable Browser, and Integrated IPython

Advanced Editor, Graphical Debugger with Variable Browser, and Integrated IPython

Canopy includes an advanced text editor with syntax highlighting, Python code auto-completion, and error checking. Canopy’s interactive graphical debugger with variable browser helps you quickly find and fix code errors, understand and investigate code and data, and write new code more quickly. The IPython window lets you quickly test code, experiment with ideas and see the results of code run directly from the editor. These three tools combine to create a powerful integrated analysis environment.

Online Python Package Documentation and Examples

Online Documentation and Examples

The Document Browser provides the Canopy user's guide as well as navigation to online documentation for most commonly used packages and tools. With Canopy, most online documentation provides buttons so code blocks can be run in the IPython console or copied into the editor. Other, more in depth, code examples are provided in the Canopy Example Browser.

Graphical Python Package Manager

Graphical Package Manager

The scientific and numeric packages for Python are under constant development and new features and fixes come out frequently. To manage package installation, Canopy includes a graphical Package Manager which notifies you of updates, installs with 1-click and helps you rollback package versions.

Cross-Platform Python Installation for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Streamlined installation for your OS

Canopy greatly simplifies installing Python and all the packages you need to create your analysis environment. Canopy installs the well-established Enthought Python Distribution and configures Python for you with the basic packages you need for scientific and technical computing. Additional packages can be quickly added with the Package Manager. Standard installers that support user-level installation (as opposed to admin-level) streamline deployment across a group.

Python Training on Demand

NEW! Integrated Python Training on Demand

Canopy works seamlessly with Enthought Python Training on Demand to provide a hands-on, interactive learning experience. Training exercises open automatically in Canopy’s integrated IPython notebook and analysis environment, allowing you to follow along by typing the code from lecture slides into the notebook while you watch the instructor work problems.