Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM)

Installer Downloads

Below are the available downloads for the latest version of EDM (currently 1.8.2). Please download the proper package for your operating system.

Operating System File Format Installer*
Mac OS X .pkg 64 bit pkg installer
Windows .msi 64 bit msi installer
Debian 7 and above .deb 64 bit deb package
Centos 5 and above .rpm 64 bit rpm package
Generic glibc Linux .sh 64 bit sh installer

View complete EDM documentation here.

Notes: *EDM itself is a 64-bit program, but it can create and maintain both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Enthought Python

*The .deb and .rpm require admin privileges (e.g. sudo), the sh installer does not. The .rpm and .deb install edm in /opt/edm, and symlink the edm executable in /usr/bin.

Getting started example:

# Make sure edm is installed and available
$ edm --version

# Install package of your choice, e.g. NumPy # (Creates a default Python environment) $ edm install numpy
# Create a shell with the default environment activated $ edm shell

To install in a different environment:

$ edm install -e test-old-numpy "numpy < 1.10"

# Create a shell with the test-old-numpy environment activated $ edm shell -e test-old-numpy

For more info, or to get help:

# See a list of available commands and help topics
$ edm help

# Get help on a specific command, e.g. install $ edm help install
# Get help on a topic, e.g. configuration $ edm help configuration

View complete EDM documentation here.