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PyXLL makes it possible to write add-ins for Microsoft Excel in Python. Using simple decorators your Python code can instantly be exposed to Excel as worksheet functions, menu items or macros. Click here for instructions on how to install PyXLL with Enthought Canopy or click here to download a copy for standalone installation.

Download and Install with Enthought Canopy

PyXLL is automatically available in Canopy’s Package Manager for all Canopy subscribers and Canopy Express users (starting with Canopy v. 1.3). Simply open Package Manager from the Canopy Welcome Screen and click on “Available Packages,” and PyXLL will be in the list on the right. If you aren’t seeing the PyXLL package, please ensure you have updated to Canopy v.1.3 or higher (you can check for updates using Canopy’s Help menu).

Download Canopy
(Includes PyXLL installer)

Not using Canopy yet? Download Canopy and then open the Package Manager to access the PyXLL installer.

Note: Most users will need to install Canopy 32-bit to be compatible with Excel 32-bit (the typical Excel install). Click here for more details.
Illustration: PyXLL installation through Canopy Package Manager
PyXLL Documentation
  • What’s new in PyXLL 3
  • Getting Started
  • User Guide
  • API Reference
  • Examples

Download PyXLL for Standalone Installation

Please complete the form below to download PyXLL.

Installation instructions are provided in the online documentation.

PyXLL for Academic Users
Students and staff at degree-granting academic institutions are eligible for a discounted academic rate of $99. Call 512.536.1057 to purchase.

Please be sure to select matching Python and Excel versions

  • For Excel 32-bit, use 32-bit versions of Python and PyXLL.
  • For Excel 64-bit, use 64-bit versions of Python and PyXLL.