Trusted Partner On TEL Digital Transformation


  • Strategic digital transformation
  • Improve efficiency and R&D innovation


  • Digitization and optimization of many workflows across the R&D
  • IT infrastructure development
  • Text & image-based search tools
  • Developed specialized metrology tools
  • Prober analysis software development
  • Training and support for TEL’s scientists


  • Approximately 2-years into a multi-year program we have transformed many aspects of their R&D program

TEL is the third-largest maker of semiconductor manufacturing equipment worldwide.  At the beginning of 2018, TEL engaged Enthought to work with them on their strategic digital transformation (DTX) journey. They have a dominant position in the market for some machines, such as coater/developers, and are competitive in the growing markets for NAND memory production devices like plasma etchers and thin-film deposition machines.  They approached Enthought to help them increase the speed and efficiency of their R&D efforts. 

This is an ongoing project and the full potential of the project has not yet been reached. Much of the work Enthought does for clients relates to their research and digital transformation activities. As a result, the ability to publish case studies is highly restricted. Below is a list of our contributions to the project to date. 

The work with Enthought continues in four areas:

    • Troubleshooting applications have been developed that use advanced text and image-based searching across multiple integrated databases to dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and fix a problem with an installed piece of equipment based on a customer report. The number of cases where senior engineers have to be involved and the number/cost of site visits have been reduced. There are now 6 versions of the application across multiple business units. 
    • A metrology tool includes algorithms to measure electron micrographs of many standard and TEL-specific patterns on semiconductor wafers as well as the ability for engineers to define and share algorithms for new patterns without assistance from Enthought. This has improved the robustness of standard metrics, expanded the range of use cases handled, and enabled custom algorithm extensions, including background and batch processing. 
    • The Prober analysis application enables TEL engineers to combine and interpret a large number of machine log files to make machine diagnostic decisions quickly and intuitively. This allows field engineers to quickly guide clients to solutions to problems in the field and helps defend against certain warranty claims by clearly identifying error sources.  Process engineers benefit from easier diagnostics during software development. 
    • Training continues for digital scientists and engineers, with the recent addition of digital transformation training for middle management and senior leadership from the business units.

Infrastructure work for TEL:

Enthought has worked closely with the Information Technology (IT) and Information Services (IS) groups at TEL to set up the network architecture to support the solutions that have been collaboratively developed.  TEL had already established a relationship and implemented a number of services with a cloud services provider, so Enthought worked with them to set up an architecture to support the new services.  These included:

    • Virtual machines to support an identity service integrated with their LDAP system
    • Cloud storage and indexing of binary data
    • Application publication and sharing
    • The addition of servers used to deploy various web-based applications.  

Enthought is currently training members of TEL’s IT team on the Enthought Solution Suite (ESS) and the infrastructure that supports it, with the goal of self-sufficient development and maintenance of the tools by their experts.

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