Streamline workflows and deliver solutions with science, analytics and software

Enthought uses technical computing to drive workflow improvements and significant business results for our customers. Our experienced staff of scientists and engineers, many with PhDs from top schools, are expert at developing software that frees you from data and analysis drudgery, so you can get results.

We can build complete software applications that help you visualize your data in compelling ways, analyze your data rigorously, and resolve questions that are crucial to your business.

We can train your developers to create and maintain powerful software using our tools, and we can streamline the migration of software or data from an outdated infrastructure. We are skilled at:

  • Data analytics
  • 2D and 3D interactive visualization
  • User interface design and construction
  • Big-data management and processing
  • Software architecture
  • Numerical methods and algorithms
  • Distributed systems

Our Approach

Enthought uses an iterative development process to ensure rapid delivery of software solutions that fit. Delivering usable prototypes early and often, helps clients make suggestions, evaluate performance, and clarify requirements, and thereby enhance the quality and usefulness of the product. Our clients prefer this process versus more traditional approaches in which all work products are handed over only at the end of the project. This agile approach requires a client commitment to provide time and people to try out interim releases and deliver feedback. This commitment is well worth making, because of the gains in productivity and increased capability of the resulting application

Our Results

We've helped organizations in Oil & Gas, Finance, Industrial Automation and Electronics streamline their technical workflows and drive better results. Read the details.

Find out More

If you would like to discuss a challenge you are facing, or an idea you have to drive better results, email us at, call 512-536-1057, or fill out the form here.

Four Keys

In our experience, there are four keys to success in developing custom software:

Smart, talented programmers

Our staff have extensive experience in programming and software development. We have the experience and aptitude to understand and solve the toughest data analysis problems, along with expertise in software architecture and development to ensure you meet your objectives.

Good communication

We collaborate with clients in an iterative, evolutionary development model. This means we deliver usable versions of the application early and often. By continually reviewing versions, we can evaluate performance and refine requirements, thereby enhancing the quality and usefulness of the end product.

Building on the right tools

Over the last decade, we have built up a large toolbox of tools and infrastructure software with which we can quickly build robust, capable applications. Our new application platform, Enthought Canopy, incorporates these tools and infrastructure and makes it available to our customers. With Canopy platform services like deployment, documentation, scripting, analysis tools, and macro recording, customers can more easily deliver robust scientific and analytic computing applications internally and to their customers in turn.

Passionate clients with real problems

This is where you come in. Whether you have a data analysis problem that is costing you money, an obsolete application you need to transition to a more flexible programming language, or want a better interface for your data collection hardware, we can help.