Pandas Crash Course (Virtual)

Instructor-guided, step-by-step walkthrough showing how to apply Python's Pandas library to a real-world data analysis project

What is Pandas and Who Uses It?

Pandas, the Python Data Analysis library, builds on the NumPy (fast array computing) and matplotlib (visualization) Python libraries to provide a powerful and comprehensive toolset for working with data, including tools for reading and writing diverse files, data cleaning and wrangling, analysis and modeling, and visualization. Fields with widespread use of Pandas include: data science, finance, neuroscience, economics, advertising, web analytics, statistics, social science, and many areas of engineering.

If you are coming to Python from a language like R, MATLAB, or SAS, or from a spreadsheet tool like Excel, Pandas will quickly be one of your most invaluable tools, and is a great entry point to the Python ecosystem for data analysis and scientific computing.

Who Should Take the Pandas Crash Course?

This course develops the conceptual foundations you'll need to start applying Pandas in your own work and is ideal for someone who wants a quick and focused introduction to Pandas in a flexible format. For those who have the time and want to develop a greater level of proficiency and capability in applying their learnings immediately, we recommend the 3-day, exercise-driven Pandas Mastery Workshop.

What You’ll Learn in the Pandas Crash Course

Over the course of three 4-hour sessions, an instructor will walk you through a typical data analysis problem and illustrate via an interactive Jupyter notebook how Pandas is used to read and write files, clean and wrangle data, visualize and explore data, and finally, summarize and present the data in a meaningful format.

You'll leave with a thorough understanding of how Python's Pandas library can be used to optimize your data analysis workflow and how it can potentially replace or supplement existing tools.

Specific topics covered in the Pandas Crash Course include:

  • Pandas data structures: Series and DataFrame
  • Accessing your data: indexing and slicing
  • Reading and writing data
  • Data wrangling, including dealing with dates and times and missing data
  • Data visualization: plots and histograms with matplotlib
  • Data aggregation, pivoting, and transformation
  • Data summarization and statistics

Optional Self Study Modules


Note: Pre-requisites can be satisfied using the online pre-work included with purchase.

Level: Intermediate

  • A working knowledge of the Python standard language (data structures, control flow, assignment, functions, and package access) is required
  • Familiarity with array programming in NumPy is required
  • Knowledge of general data analysis techniques and basic statistics (mean, standard deviation, correlation, etc.) is strongly recommended

Python Language Essentials and NumPy Self-Study Modules (Optional)

The Pandas-focused virtual sessions assume participants have a working knowledge of the Python language and familiarity with array programming in NumPy. Participants new to Python can satisfy these pre-reqs by completing a self-paced online course as pre-work before coming to the virtual sessions (included with purchase). Topics include:

  • Tools for developing in Python: Jupyter notebooks
  • Python Language Essentials
    • Core data structures: numbers, lists, dictionaries, sets, arrays
    • Control flow: if-then statements, for and while loops
    • Organizing code: Functions, modules, and packages
  • Array programming with NumPy
    • ndarray data structure
    • Indexing and slicing
    • Boolean indexing
    • Creating arrays
    • Computing with arrays
  • Introduction to visualizing data with Matplotlib

Virtual Sessions

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  • 3 half-day interactive virtual instructor-led sessions
  • 1.5 days of online training modules to solidify required Python Essentials and NumPy knowledge (optional)

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