Enthought Python Training on Demand

Enthought Training on Demand is a comprehensive library of hands-on, online Python training courses designed by practicing scientific and analytic software developers with thousands of hours of live training experience to help scientists, engineers, and analysts learn to use Python to get their work done faster, better, and more efficiently.

Whether you're an individual Python user, a member of a team using Python, or a manager looking to increase the productivity of hundreds of technical staff, Enthought Training on Demand is a powerful resource. This online training experience is ideal for developers new to Python as well as for advanced users seeking to expand their capabilities.

Enthought Training on Demand includes hundreds of video lectures, code samples, and hands-on exercises that provide the convenience of working through materials on your own schedule and at your own pace - anytime, anywhere.


This customizable online resource was designed with busy enterprise users in mind, and focuses on the specific Python tools and best practices expertise that scientific and analytic users need to be more productive, faster.

Convenient and cost-effective for large numbers of users, Enthought Training on Demand allows you to quickly ramp new team members and increase the proficiency of current staff with consistent materials, combining the depth of content needed to solve complex problems with the efficiency of self-paced learning for a range of skill levels.

The Enthought Training on Demand Experience

Python Training on Demand
Enthought Training on Demand takes our proven Python curriculum taught to thousands of scientists, engineers and analysts over the last decade and delivers it in a convenient, flexible online format. Choose from individual courses or an all access package for the most comprehensive learning experience.

Flexibility and Convenience to Customize Your Approach to Learning

Enthought Training on Demand includes hundreds of video lectures, code samples, and hands-on exercises that provide the flexibility and convenience of working through materials on your own schedule and at your own pace. Short, manageable lectures allow you to break your learning into sessions as short as ten to twenty minutes at a time.

Focus your time on just the topics you need a refresher on, or take extra time to really work through a new concept. Already wrote the book on NumPy? No problem, go right to the advanced content and exercises to test your knowledge and expand your skills. Need to review a lecture on statistics or curve fitting with SciPy to ensure you got all the key points? Hit replay as many times as you need to.

Interactive Exercises and Problem/Solution Videos for Hands-On Learning

You'll get a quick start with our bonus Python Development Tools course that shows you the ins and outs of code development resources such as IPython. Since there is no better way to learn than by doing, training exercises are built right into Enthought Canopy's integrated IPython notebook and analysis environment, allowing you to follow along by typing the code from the slides into the notebook while you watch the instructor work the problem (see a video).

Visually Compelling, Engaging Content for Maximum Comprehension and Retention

Even the most valuable content can get lost in translation without the proper context and delivery, which is why we've invested in creating interactive materials that are engaging, manageable, and application-focused.

Our thoughtful learning design systematically draws on multiple teaching tools to ideally fit the content, support individual learning objectives, and accommodate different learning styles.

"The quality of the training and the deep subject knowledge of Enthought's instructors have enabled our technical teams to improve their coding abilities such that they can now write complex, robust, and highly performant applications."
-Training manager, leading financial company, Paris

Real-World Problem Solving for Immediate Impact on Job Productivity

Python Training on Demand
Enthought Training on Demand uses real world problems faced every day by scientists, engineers, and analysts and shows you how to solve them.

Boost Job Performance and Results through Real-World Problem Solving with Python

Enthought Training on Demand engages you in thinking about the best approaches to solving problems with Python – ensuring you gain new capabilities, not just new concepts.

The courses are developed by our sought-after scientific and analytic domain experts and data scientists, many of whom are authors or core contributors to the Python packages covered in the training materials. In addition to their deep knowledge of Python, when designing the courses these instructors also draw on a breadth of experience developing and custom tools for leading global companies in the financial services, oil and gas, data science, consumer products, aerospace, and technology industries.

Valuable Time Savings with Maximum Emphasis on Relevant Content

Courses quickly focus in depth on specific techniques and concepts used by scientists, engineers, and analysts, eliminating wasted time on ancillary topics of lesser value.

Speed Learning and Save Time by Focusing on the 20% of Content You’ll Use 80% of the Time

Over the past decade, we have invested hundreds of thousands of hours contributing to the Python language, building applications with it, and providing training to thousands of scientists, engineers, and analysts around the world, and have used this knowledge to distill out the most important insights and best practices from this experience to hone in on the most important topics and methods that will help you rapidly become more productive in your everyday work.

By focusing in greater depth on the most relevant content first, you’ll maximize your impact on your job productivity quickly and eliminate the wasted time of culling through generalized materials simply to find the content that will serve you most.

For example, there are dozens of data types available in Python and its many extensions. In the Python Essentials course you’ll focus on just six data types that scientists and engineers use most often in their work – five built-in types plus the NumPy array. The course goes beyond simply introducing syntax (the what), however, to discuss where, when, why, and how to use these data types – developing the strategic knowledge that will enable you to actually get things done with Python quickly and well.

Comprehensive, Proven Python Resources for Scientists and Engineers, by Scientists and Engineers

"Just wanted to drop a note and say how impressed I am with these courses. As a former instructor (now administrator) of online education, and a person who has taken a number of MOOCs [Massively Open Online Courses], I wanted to say thanks for these excellent courses. The inclusion of the IPython Notebooks is a nice addition. Keep up the good work!"

Enjoy the Benefits of a Comprehensive, Tailored Learning Experience without the Cost and Frustration of Trying to Build it Yourself

A search for “Python Programming” on Google returns nearly 40 million hits. Amazon alone lists nearly 2,000 books on the topic. That might sound great at first, but what’s the time cost of searching through all of that material to find the best information you need at the moment you need it? It’s like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack…every time a new topic comes up.

Enthought Training on Demand is designed from the ground up by and for scientists, engineers, and analysts like you who need to use Python to get their work done quickly and well. The proven, customized content available only in Enthought Training on Demand is the result of tens of thousands of hours of content development and refinement with feedback from thousands of Python users around the world who have attended our live training classes, and informed by hundreds of collective years of specialized scientific and analytic Python development expertise.

It’s also comprehensive – with support for everyone from new users who need to ramp up quickly to seasoned developers who want to continue expanding their capabilities with the language.