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Python for Scientists, Analysts and Engineers

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Great course for the scientific programmer who'd like to delve deeper into Python and gain a good introduction to some of the Python tools out there catering to science/engineering applications. It was great to learn from people with extensive experience in both the development of some of those tools, and their application to solve real-world problems across diverse fields and sectors.

Michael W., Postdoctoral Fellow, IMDEA (Nanoscience)

This course was extremely useful in clearly teaching best practices in Python. I had experience with Python before the course, but I now know how best to fix existing scripts and move forward with Python in the best way possible.

Ryan S., Computational Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories

The course was dense yet easy to follow. I wish all my university professors were as good, skilled and professional as Dr. Grant.

Yorick C, Masters Student

This class went beyond expectations. Dr. Grant was a wealth of knowledge and truly showcased what can be done with Python and Canopy in an easy to follow manner.

Ming, H., Test Engineer, U.S. Air Force

The course instructor (Chris) was very considerate and thoughtful throughout the course. I’ve read Python codes before but this was my first formal Python training and easily the best programming short course I’ve taken to date. The course material was clear, the exercises were well-designed and adequate and the instructor communicated his ideas very well. At first, I was concerned that the course might be too advanced and I might loose track- not true. Certainly, the course was advanced but the instructor did his best to help us all get the best out of it.

Kofikuma D., Crop Modeler

This is an effective course for introducing a scientist or engineer already familiar with basics of programming to the vast topic of Python programming at a depth appropriate for being productive in Python in the near future.

Mike F., Material Dynamics Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories

As a scientist/algorithm developer coming to Python, I was a little bewildered by the wealth of Python libraries available, not to mention legacy/deprecated ones. Enthought has a huge amount of Python expertise and this course gave an excellent overview of key elements of the Python tool stack, from base Python through to creating a GUI. From this course I feel I've gained a good appreciation of how to go about building a Python application that performs, for example, scientific data processing and visualization.

Guy M., Senior Data Scientist, Cobalt Light Systems, Ltd. (Electronics Manufacturing)

Great crash-course for Python. I haven't coded in any language in over a decade, and I feel like I will be able to write useful code in Python and seek out any libraries and documentation I may need to improve my code from here on out.

Python for Scientists and Engineers Attendee

I have taken many classes over the years by private companies. This was by far one of the best. Great content, GREAT instructor, and great demos. The #1 most important thing when hosting a class is the expertise of the instructor. Students know in 2 seconds if he knows what he/she is talking about. Dr. Grant knew Python inside and out. He was great.

Python for Scientists and Engineers Attendee, Analyst at a Leading Aerospace Company

Dr. Diller is a top-notch instructor. He taught with a positive attitude, keeping the audience interested with a excited/genuine style of teaching. He showed that he is extremely competent and experienced in Python.

Python for Scientists and Engineers Attendee, Scientist and Los Alamos National Laboratory

[The class] gave a very comprehensive overview of Python. I saw all the tools and features I would likely use and even more. I understood the power of the language and all the libraries that have been created for it.

Python for Scientists and Engineers Attendee, Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Diller understands the Python fundamentals thoroughly and focuses not only on how to do something but more importantly on why specific features of the language work the way they do.

Python for Scientists and Engineers Attendee, Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories

Overall it was a great course. Loved the small class size. Facilities and convenience were great. The instructor was exceptionally good at explaining things and answering questions as well as working through student suggestions and helping us step through why something would or would not actually work. He was very good at walking through the learning/discovery/trial and error process and understanding how a beginner would approach some of the exercises and the errors in these approaches and explaining the right solution.

Python for Scientists and Engineers Attendee

Best training class I ever had in the last 17 years working at NASA. I especially like the fact that the exercises, the solutions, and the examples are made available for students so that we can take a closer look after the class.

Python for Scientists and Engineers Attendee, Analyst at Johnson Space Center

The course was excellent. It pushed the boundaries of what I could absorb, which was good because it covered a lot of ground and the exercises are well documented for self-study. The instructors knowledge level and ability to teach and think at the same time was impressive!

Python for Scientists and Engineers Attendee

Exceptionally knowledgeable instruction, with good examples and exercies

George C., Product Engineer, Oil & Gas

Very intensive but incredibly valuable training for those who want to take their use of Python to the next level.

Steve Y., Teacher

This course is fantastic -- the concepts & methods are directly applicable to my field. The teaching style, examples, and one-on-one interaction really helped to fill the gaps in my knowledge of Python.

Aaron P, Research Scientist, Remote Sensing, Sandia National Laboratories

Excellent course. Mix of exercises and lecture kept it engaging.

Jeff C., Engineer

I believe this class greatly improved my comprehension of Python and will contribute to my efficiency on projects moving forward.

Chris J., Cybersecurity, National Research Laboratory

John Tyree is an excellent instructor. He definitely has a firm grasp of the topic matter and presents it well! It was a pleasure taking his course.

Python for Scientists and Engineers Attendee

Python for Data Science

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Dr. Rocher is an excellent instructor. Passionate, engaging and very experienced. He is very approachable and enjoys taking the time to discuss and assist outside of class.

Python for Data Science Attendee, Data Analyst

I found this course to be excellent for quickly getting me immersed in leveraging Python for Data Science and Text Analytics.

Greg McTure, IT Specialist, SEC

I did not think that I would learn Python programming in one week given that I do not have strong background in programming, but with Mr. Dickinson and the whole course I am ready to implement my reports to Python and effectively enhance their efficiency and quality.

Yacoub, Senior Manager - Investment Management, ADIA

This course was extremely helpful in understanding how to use IPython and pandas for doing data analysis and visualization. The instructor was very knowledgeable and when he did not know the answer to a question, he would always find the answer and get back to us with the information.

Mark A., Senior Performance Engineer, Gogo Air

The instructor demonstrated excellent domain knowledge with an effective combination of demonstrations, lecture slides, and exercises.

Guy M., Senior Data Scientist, Cobalt Light Systems, Ltd.

Dr. Rocher is an excellent instructor. Passionate, engaging and very experienced. He is very approachable and enjoys taking the time to discuss and assist outside of class.

Python for Data Science Attendee, Data Analyst, SEC

This course is a very good starting point to discover python and see how it could be used in real life to analyze data. The numerous examples and exercises are really useful for understanding all the concepts.

Yoan, Senior Specialist - Developer, ADIA

Highly recommended if you want to learn or improve your Python. The trainer, Dr. Dickinson, was the best trainer I have ever encountered. He had a nice style of presenting and was very intelligent and knowledgeable. Easily answered even the most complex questions threw at him.

Ahmad H, Software Engineer, Financial Services

Dr. Dickinson is very articulate in his approach towards this course often explaining in-depth the topics well beyond the documented slides. 

Python for Data Science Attendee

I have an undergraduate and masters degree in statistics, but Dr. Berke's explanation of Principal Component analysis is the best I've ever heard!

Python for Data Science Attendee

This is a great class for anybody, new to Data Science or experienced. The instructor Dr Dickinson. is a Math/Python genius so he will answer all questions and guide you through all the Python tricks and traps/gotchas. All questions are answered. Overall I left the course with enough knowledge/direction and materials to dive deep into Data Science on my own. Definitely worth the time and money. Just prepare to spend full day class training for a week.

Samuel K., Data Analyst, Banking Industry

Excellent Data Science Course for Beginners and Practitioners!

Python for Data Science Attendee, Computational Chemist, UCSF

It was a fantastic class. I cannot believe how much I learned in five days. Dr. Rocher was excellent.

Lee I., Ziften Software

This is probably the most concise Data Science primer course you can find; 100% worth it.

Python for Data Science Attendee

As a novice to data science this course provided an excellent introduction to the tools and concepts available through Python for performing both rudimentary and complex analysis.

Rueben P. , Sr. Video Engineer, Time Warner Cable

I particularly liked the overview of Pandas, Visualisation and SciKit Learn. However, Corran was highly competent at explaining all topics which made the whole course highly useful and excellent!

Mark S., Data Scientist / Engineer

The course and program were great. Right pace, right breadth of material to cover. Also, Dr. Berkes was very knowledgable and really did a good job of walking the fine line between providing enough support/guidance to us and letting us get ourselves into trouble before throwing us the life raft.

Aubra A., Analyst, International Development

Pietro is fantastic, and the course was well designed. It's clear that a lot of thought and prep was put into it.

The pace of the class was what attracted me. It's hard to find a class that assumes that you know how to code, but that you don't know Python. I was looking for something to give me enough of a base in the language that when I do try to hack something together from Stack Exchange, I had more of a logical understanding for how vars are treated in the language and why things might go awry. So this course was great.

Pietro knows a ton, and it was clear that he had a deep knowledge of the language. He was great at bridging the gap-- explaining the most basic things as well as the detailed, specialised stuff.

Laura H., Analyst, USAID

John Tyree's accessability/approachablity, his scientific literacy & ability to translate challenging concepts into "plain English" were great.

Amy P., Developer / Scientist, National Research Laboratory

I've taken two Enthought Python classes now. They are very effective and covers wide ranges of topics. If you are really committed and review materials you learned once more at night, the material you learned actually become very practical for your day-to-day work. Highly recommended.

H. Park, Engineer, Sandia National Laboratories

The best part of the class was John Tyree. He was extremely knowledgeable about the mathematical techniques and scientific considerations of using the software rather than just the software itself. His advice and insight were very helpful.

Python for Data Science Attendee

Really enjoyed the class. I had a varied level of knowledge of the different things that were covered. Those I knew well, I had holes filled in. Those I didn't know well, I learned quickly.

Vikram R., Data Scientist, Facebook

Dr. Rocher is a great teacher, who can explain complex topics (especially stats) in a very simple manner.

Python for Data Science Attendee, Facebook

As a Python beginner without a computer programming background, I found that after this 5 day course I was able to work effectively in Python. This class was incredibly helpful in providing a foundation in a variety of areas for Data Science. Enthought not only has a great product but fantastic training classes as well.

Holly N., Data Analyst/Graduate Student

Jonathan Rocher is an exceptional teacher (having spent fourteen years in higher education, I have some basis for comparison). Teachers who can explain complex ideas with as much clarity as he does aren't too common; teachers who are so closely attuned to when their students are following and when they are falling behind are rare birds indeed. Jonathan has an uncanny instinct for reading confusion in his students' faces. Together with his interactive, conversational teaching style—he's not afraid to stop the talkative from talking, and calling on the quiet to fold them into the conversation—this made for a class pitched and paced exactly for the specific group in the room. He did a remarkable job of keeping the more experienced students stretched with asides and additional challenges/exercises without losing the rest of us. I walked away with a deep understanding of python language fundamentals that had been mysterious and perplexing to me before.

Ben K, Data Scientist

The lecturer, Dr. Dickinson, was excellent - His demonstration of his practical and historical knowledge of the python language combined with mathematics was invaluable. He provided tools and a road map on how to go about working with the language

Balvinder V., Database Administrator and Data Analyst, HFT

Great course to assess the usefulness of Python for data science. Gives you a lot of pointers and saves you time. There are things you can not learn so quickly on your own: data science for Python is one of them. I learnt a lot.

Python for Data Science Attendee

Mark is an excellent instructor who conveyed his enthusiasm for the subject and dealt adeptly with the various levels of experience in the class.

Mark W.

Excellently taught course. Coming from a background of R and SAS, I finally understand Python beyond the basics and have necessary tools to really harness its power . Dr Dickinson , this wouldn't have been possible without your deep knowledge, and the patience and willingness to share it! 

Python for Data Science Attendee, Statistician, Big Pharma

Excellent class, best introduction into Python and Data Analysis that I have seen.

Wolf M.

Jonathan and Alex are extremely helpful and understand python very well! Thank you!

Andrew C.

Python Foundations: 3-Day Live Class

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The quality of the training and the deep subject knowledge of Enthought's instructors have enabled our technical teams to improve their coding abilities such that they can now write complex, robust, and highly performant applications.

Python Foundations Attendee, Training Manager, Leading Financial Company, Paris

The format -- going back and forth between lecture, finger exercises, and longer exercises -- was extremely helpful to get foundational understanding. It was a great way to actually walk away knowing how to use various libraries, as well as actually do it without cut/paste.

Python Foundations Attendee

Highly technical and thorough introduction to the Python programming language and Canopy development environment.

Python Foundations Attendee, Engineer, US Air Force

I really liked the comprehensive and thorough, albeit speedy, presentation of Python. It gave me a good idea regarding the packages provided as well as the understanding of how to navigate through them. I may not need everything at this point, but in future if I ever do, I know where to go and would be able to teach myself.

Python Foundations Attendee, Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories

Great start to learning python, gives you a good first intro so you are confident to explore on your own later.

Akash P., Trader, Finance, KCG Holdings

This is an excellent course for a beginning Python programmer, and Dr. Grant is an outstanding teacher, very familiar with the material and responsive to the class.

Margaret T, Senior Software Developer, Financial Services, KCG Holdings

Thank YOU for a great class. Without a doubt it was the best programming class I've ever taken. 

Python Foundations Attendee