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Whether you have a data analysis problem that is hindering your progress or has a huge opportunity cost, an obsolete application you need to transition to a more transportable programming language for future proofing, or you simply want a better interface for your data collection hardware, we can help. We can build complete software applications that help you visualize and analyze your data in compelling ways and resolve questions that are crucial to your business.

Dependable Results

For more than a decade Enthought has helped solve technical computing challenges in industries such as energy, industrial control, consumer products, technology, finance, aerospace, and more. We understand the unique challenges faced by scientists, engineers, and analysts – because we’ve faced them, too.

Translating Data into Actionable Insight

Demonstration: Interactive 2D and 3D visualization and measurement tools for technical planning

We ensure data delivers end value by developing tools with specific users in mind, whether that be intuitive, drag-and–drop functionality and interactive widgets for non-programmers, graphical data selection tools within a familiar Microsoft Excel interface, or highly parameterized or programmable scripts for experienced developers to provide an extensible foundation for ongoing application development.

Granular data acquisition tools, increasingly sophisticated hardware, and new technology advances are providing unprecedented volumes and sources of data. However, data by itself holds limited value. We can help you extract the strategic value from these inputs that can:

  • Show trends, patterns, and relationships between datasets; allowing you to identify new opportunities, pinpoint problems, and respond quickly to changing business needs
  • Integrate disparate data to create cross-domain and cross-functional analysis tools that deliver robust insights historically inaccessible from siloed data
  • Optimize design and engineering decisions with virtual simulation and modeling
  • Test hypotheses and evaluate potential outcomes with data from predictive analytics and risk evaluation
  • Provide real-time analysis and data exploration capabilities through intuitive visual tools

Turning Ideas into Results

Whether it is data analysis, data visualization, or data processing, Enthought has the subject matter aptitude and development expertise to build architectures to turn ideas into deliverables as quickly and efficiently as possible. We provide you the benefits of:

  • Developing rapid prototypes and exploring design alternatives
  • Quickly innovating and iterating, refining and honing ideas to make your vision a reality
  • Validating concepts before making significant financial, time, and resource investments
  • Creating extensible, reproducible models

Achieving the Highest Value
per Engineering Dollar Spent

We use our programming expertise to give you tools that enable you to focus on your work, rather than insisting that you become an expert in computer science to use those tools. Our time and cost efficiencies are driven by:

  • Developing rapid prototypes and exploring design alternatives
  • Quickly innovating and iterating, refining and honing ideas to make your vision a reality
  • Validating concepts before making significant financial, time, and resource investments
  • Creating extensible, reproducible models

Our software solutions combine high performance, flexibility, and scalability with tailored data visualization and analysis applications to deliver impactful results that drive revenue and mitigate risk.

Demonstration: Financial portfolio data analysis with Python

With Enthought, we saw a 5x reduction in development time on key features and capabilities
— Hardware distributor

Fast-Tracking Innovation

Within organizations creating engineering, analytic, or scientific software, there is a problem that we see over and over:
Innovation takes way too long to make it from “idea” to “prototype” to “end user capability.”

At an energy services company, the time from MATLAB research script to seismic processing system deployment (via C++) is 18 months.

At a research equipment company, the time from innovation at a university to deployment as part of their product software is, conservatively, a year.

At an oil and gas company, the time for the IT department to build tools for the data coming in from their new seismic sensors is a month, just to get a spec. Meanwhile, the interpretation team needs to do an analysis, and have decisions made within that time frame.

At a hedge fund, the time for an analyst to create a custom analysis, configure a view, and then share with colleagues is more time than the analyst has.

Enthought provides the resources and skillset to change this paradigm and dramatically reduce time to market.

Capabilities and Expertise

We’re your collaboration partner from concept through execution. Whether you’re looking for a fully custom software application, or simply a methodology audit to provide recommendations to your internal teams, our broad capabilities and expertise allow us to be a scalable extension of your team.

Data Analysis

  • Modelling and simulation
  • Machine learning (self-teaching algorithms)
  • Predictive analysis and risking
  • Sophisticated statistical models
  • Big data management, cleansing, and processing
  • Signal and image processing
  • Numerical methods and algorithms
  • Event detection

Data Visualization

  • Integrating cross-domain, multi-sourced data into a single visual interface
  • Interactive 2D and 3D visualization
  • User interface design and construction

Extending the Value of Existing Investments

  • Adding tools and functionality within existing environments (e.g., Techlog)
  • Creating widgets and applications that sit on top of current software
  • Multi-language integration or migration (e.g., C, C++, C#, FORTRAN, MATLAB)
  • Creation of Microsoft Excel add-ins
  • Providing complete API / OEM environment

Building Solid Infrastructures

  • Workflow optimization and process automation
  • Software architecture and software craftsmanship
  • Object oriented programming
  • Database integration
  • High performance computing
  • Deploying parallel applications on clusters
  • Cloud computing for execute backend analytics
  • Distributed systems

Interactive 3D data visualization using Python’s Mayavi library

Graphical selection scatter plot using Python’s Chaco library

Pore pressure visualization and calculation for geophysics