Mason Dykstra


Mason Dykstra

Vice President, Energy Solutions

Mason holds a PhD from the University of California Santa Barbara, an MS from the University of Colorado Boulder, and a BS from Northern Arizona University, all in the Geosciences. Mason has worked in Oil and Gas exploration, development, and production for over twenty years, split between oil industry-focused applied research at Colorado School of Mines and the University of California, Santa Barbara; and within companies including Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and Statoil (Equinor).

Mason’s interests in the geosciences range widely in scale from microscopic to plate tectonic, and in topic across the spectrum of earth sciences, from sedimentology, geophysics and petroleum geology to structural geology and tectonics. His remit within Enthought is across all scales and topics, with a focus on helping to improve efficiency, drive down costs, and enhance results for Oil and Gas companies by marrying technical work processes with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and physics-based computing.

In his free time Mason likes geology, reading, writing, cycling, hiking, skiing, and spending time in the outdoors and at home with family.

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