A webinar by–and for–practitioners focused on digitally transforming science-driven businesses.

Join digital leaders who will share a practical framework for digital transformation options, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Gain insights into:

Making key strategic choices about digital transformation and avoiding common pitfalls.

Crafting transformation strategy, framed through a comparison between Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Identifying and leveraging the possibilities enabled by today’s rapidly advancing technologies.

Driving applied digital innovation in both new and established organizations.

Meet the Panel 

Eric Jones Enthought

Eric Jones

Enthought Founder & CEO

Eric holds both a Ph.D. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Duke University and a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Baylor University.

Eric drives business growth through digital transformation. For more than 15 years, he has been an innovator in applying machine learning, image processing, 3D visualization and parallel computing to elegantly solve the most complex business problems.

Eric is perhaps best known as one of the founding fathers of Python’s scientific community, a global collective of Python developers behind some of the advances in scientific software that are solving some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

Mitsunobu Koshiba Enthought

Mitsunobu (Nobu) Koshiba

Director & Chairman of the Board, JSR

Nobu will introduce the 11/13 live session, at 10:30 AM Japan Standard Time.

Nobu has a background in Graphic Engineering and Materials Science, spending time studying in both Japan and the US. He started his career as a research engineer of fine chemicals at JSR, climbing steadily through successively higher levels of leadership in the US and Japan, finally becoming President and CEO in 2009. Today, he is Director and Chairman of the Board at JSR.

Nobu is a visionary leader who not only initiated and led his company’s digital transformation for several years but has also provided vision, leadership and support for other organizations across Japan who seek to do the same. 

Mike Connell Enthought

Mike Connell

Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Mike holds a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, and a doctorate in Education from Harvard University. He is a learning scientist with a background in robotics, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and education.

Mike is a former software design engineer for Microsoft, and has also served as a faculty member at Harvard University, Dartmouth College and the University of Texas. Mike co-founded and led education startup Native Brain, and has consulted for schools, non-profits, the federal government and a range of industries.

Mike’s most recent publications include a chapter in the book Research in Mind, Brain, and Education (Routledge, 2017) and his book Using Formative Assessment to Improve Student Outcomes in Classrooms (CAST Publishing, 2019).

Colin McNeece Enthought

Colin McNeece

Director of Digital Transformation

Colin holds a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin, a M.A. in Earth and Planetary Sciences, and a B.A. in Geology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Colin is a computational geoscientist whose background is in geochemical transport. With a wide range of contributions in experimentation, molecular dynamic simulation, and geochemical solver and large scale flow simulator design, he has an expanded understanding of processes that dictate behavior in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and other reactive transport fields. This experience is leveraged at Enthought to develop impactful multidisciplinary technology solutions for clients.