Deploying Python to Excel with PyXLL

Deploying Python to Excel with PyXLL

See how PyXLL makes it easy to write Excel add-ins to leverage the capabilities of Python and the simplicity of the presentation of Excel.

PyXLL allows organizations to seamlessly deploy Python algorithms and models to all their Excel users. No more uncontrolled proliferation of VBA-based spreadsheet versions, no more tossing functions over the wall to get re-implemented, no more need to deploy multiple specialized applications in place of Excel-based computations. Technical teams and developers can use the full power of Python, and end users can access the results in their familiar Excel environment.

In this webinar we demonstrate how to:

  • Use Python functions to implement financial models in Excel
  • Reduce risk by storing code in version control instead of embedded in Excel files
  • Develop functions with PyXLL and Python simply, and its comparison to VBA
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