Supercharging Excel Analytics with Python

Supercharging Excel Analytics with Python

See how the Python for Excel (PyXLL) add-in helps solve data analysis challenges with advanced Python tools and analytic engines.

Extending the native analytic capabilities of Excel or implementing Excel-backend analytics on a cluster or in the cloud with VBA, C++, and other legacy languages is challenging and time-consuming. Python’s elegant syntax and extensive ecosystem of numeric and analytic packages can greatly simplify the development of advanced analytic tools and cluster/cloud-based backend capabilities in Excel.

In this webinar we demonstrate how to:

  1. Implement Excel backend parallel computations on local clusters or cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft Azure with Python
  2. Use Python functions to implement advanced, interactive graphical analytic tools in Excel
  3. Reduce risk by storing code in GitHub version control instead of embedded VBA in Excel files
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