Enthought's mission is to significantly improve the way scientific computing is accomplished by providing powerful tools for quantitative data analysis and visualization.

Enthought Scientific Computing Solutions

Who We Are

Founded in 2001, Enthought is a global leader in scientific and analytic software solutions utilizing Python, a powerful, extensible, open source programming language for scientific, analytic, and engineering applications. Enthought is headquartered in Austin, Texas with additional offices in Cambridge, United Kingdom and Mumbai, India.

Who We Help

Enthought has an exceptional customer base comprised of some of the most respected names in the financial services, energy, consumer products, and technology industries. We also provide products and services to a variety of government, military, and national laboratories.

Scientists First, Developers Second

Our developers are distinguished by their scientific expertise. We understand the complex analysis and visualization challenges faced by scientists and engineers. Meanwhile, our extensive experience designing sophisticated applications enables us to provide software to ease your work flow, training to empower your team, and custom application solutions to meet the needs of your end users.

Python for Power and Clarity

By developing with Python, a powerful and concise programming language, we ensure that scientists and engineers are able to fully implement feature-rich applications without sacrificing accessible and meaningful code. We have found that Python's clarity of expression dramatically smoothes the transition between prototype and finished product.

What We Do

Enthought software products provide customers with powerful tools for quantitative data analysis and visualization. Our consulting services marry science, analytics, and software to deliver customized applications for customers. Enthought's intensive training services are specifically designed to teach Python programming and software craftsmanship to scientists, engineers, analysts, and data scientists.





Software & Support

Enthought offers a variety of commercial software tools and applications for development, data analysis, and visualization in Python and for domain specific uses. Over one million users utilize our products worldwide. Examples of our proprietary products include:

Python Training

Enthought's training services are geared toward scientists, engineers, analysts, and data scientists who would like to learn how to use Python in their specific work environments. We offer live, virtual, and on demand open and onsite classes in the United States, Canada and Europe in topics including:


Enthought uses technical computing to drive workflow improvements and significant business results for our customers. Our consulting services accelerate our customer's ability to turn ideas into results and translate data into actionable insight, while achieving the highest value per development dollar spent.

  • Workflow implementation
  • Custom application development
  • Data visualization and analysis design
  • Extension of existing software assets and tools

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