Enthought | Materials Science and Chemistry

What Materials Informatics Looks Like in the Modern R&D Lab

Aug 29, 2023

The Modern Materials Science and Chemistry Lab Industry success now more than ever is being dictated by the ability to continuously develop innovative new materials and chemicals, and companies are looking to Materials Informatics solutions as the key. What is Materials Informatics? Materials Informatics (MI) is the modern approach to materials discovery and product development…

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Cheat Sheet | Large Language Models+ For Scientific Research

Jul 5, 2023

Large Language Models+ For Scientific Research Updated August 2023 LLMs and Tools for R&D To help scientists and researchers navigate the increasing number of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) options, Enthought’s experts put together this summary of Large Language Models (LLMs) and related tools that are most relevant for R&D updated as of early August 2023.…

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Enthought | ChatGPT, Large Language Models, Generative Artificial Intelligence

WEBINAR: What Every R&D Leader Needs to Know About ChatGPT and LLMs

Jun 29, 2023

View Webinar-on-Demand Live webinar held on June 27, 2023 Overview ChatGPT and the explosion of advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) are disrupting every industry. We are now living in a new age of AI with an unprecedented pace of advancement. This paradigm shift is forcing all businesses, including innovation-driven companies in the life sciences and…

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Lab Manager AI Summit | Drug Development in the AI-Driven Lab

WEBINAR: Drug Development in the AI-Driven Lab

Oct 30, 2023

October 24, 2023 Overview The recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models have unleashed a new era of possibilities for drug development. The power of AI to augment the work of scientists, accelerate discovery and development, and increase reliability in clinical trials cannot be overstated. Life science companies are facing unprecedented urgency…

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Enthought | WEBINAR: Materials Informatics for Product Development: Deliver Big with Small Data

WEBINAR: Materials Informatics for Product Development: Deliver Big with Small Data

May 23, 2023

May 17, 2023 Overview For many industry labs, scientific data has historically been generated to answer specific, immediate research questions and then archived to protect IP with little attention paid to the future value of reusing the data to answer similar questions. The resulting data often lack a consistent structure and quality. In addition, the…

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Enthought | The Lab of the Future

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Journey to the Future-Proofed R&D Lab

Oct 21, 2022

5 Tips to Kickstart Your Journey to the Future-Proofed R&D Lab   Despite an increase in digital transformation efforts across all industries, 70% fall short of their objectives. For science-driven organizations whose core innovation center is the R&D lab, success can be even more out of reach. To build the digital lab of the future,…

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New Application Transforms Chip Communication Subsystem Testing

Dec 7, 2021

Freescale Semiconductor needed to transform their testing processes. Freescale’s High Speed Signal Integrity (HSSI) group is responsible for testing the electrical characteristics of the communications subsystems of the chips Freescale makes. The standards bodies for the serial communications protocols that Freescale implements set criteria for things like the amount of electrical noise the chip needs…

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Digital Transformation in Practice

Nov 17, 2020

For digital leaders who will share a practical framework for digital transformation options, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Gain insights into: Making key strategic choices about digital transformation and avoiding common pitfalls. Crafting transformation strategy, framed through a comparison between Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Identifying and leveraging the possibilities enabled by today’s rapidly advancing technologies. Driving applied…

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Using Python and LabVIEW Together to Rapidly Solve Engineering Problems

Nov 11, 2019

What: Presentation, demo, and Q&A with Collin Draughon, Software Product Manager, National Instruments, and Andrew Collette, Director, Enthought Platform Who should attend: Engineers and managers interested in extending LabVIEW with Python’s ecosystem People who need to easily share and deploy software within their organization Current LabVIEW users who are curious what Python brings to the…

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