Digital Transformation Defined

In this video Mike Connell, COO and Chief Digital Transformation Officer, provides a definition of digital transformation as “a process of facilitating and accelerating an organization’s journey towards greater digital maturity.” 

Digital maturity is defined in a way that facilitates strategy development and implementation plans.

Building on this, Mike sets out the work necessary to transform an organization where science is critical to success. A key element is the early and continuous delivery of value to the business.

Mike Connell  |   1m24s   | Digital Transformation for Science Driven Businesses

Webinar: Digital Transformation In Practice

Watch as Enthought CEO Eric Jones and CDxO Mike Connell break down strategy for digital transformation for science-driven businesses.

Learn a structure for digital strategies that moves results from the incremental to the transformational. 

For the scientists at the sharp end of initiating value from digital advances, Eric Jones puts the Enthought approach to working with them clearly, “We don’t just want to provide people with a hammer. We also want to teach them architecture and carpentry.”

Watch the recording to learn what works–and what doesn’t–in digital transformation.

Digital Transformation: A Journey of Increasing Digital Maturity

The Enthought model for Digital Maturity was developed from working with multiple organizations on their digital transformation projects in industries including materials science, chemistry, semiconductors, life sciences and energy.

The 5 Elements of Digital Maturity

Based on this 5-element model, Enthought has developed a survey and companion report for companies to self-evaluate their digital maturity. Survey results can be used in many ways, for example; to identify gaps in strategy and plans of digital transformation initiatives, inform employee communications effectiveness or identify starting point projects.

The Impact of Increasing Digital Maturity

Enthought breaks digital maturity into five categories. In our experience, this allows management to develop a strategy and plan for the investment to ‘facilitate and accelerate transformation’, in parallel with delivering early business results.

Here, Mike Connell, COO and Chief Digital Transformation Officer, summarizes digital maturity, and why it is important to progress with an integrated approach across the organization, giving priority to developing the digital leaders of the future.

Mike Connell | 1m49s | Business Impact Through Increasing Digital Maturity

Digital Transformation Lessons

Digitally Transforming a Research Laboratory

Integrating digital technologies into a chemical research laboratory can create entirely new workflows, speeding up processes so dramatically that the relationship with customers will be changed. 

Immune Responses in Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is about governing the transition from the machine being run today, to the machine that will be run in the future, with all the different situations that will come up during the journey. 

Develop Scientists and Engineers into Leaders of the Digital Future

The Digital Transformation Technical Leaders Program is a multi-year effort designed to develop scientists and engineers into digital scientists and engineers who will become the technical leaders of tomorrow.

The program combines training, apprenticeship, and real-life workplace problem solving to accelerate the development of technical teams.