Digital Transformation Defined

In this video Mike Connell, COO & Chief Digital Transformation Officer (CDxO) provides a definition of digital transformation as ‘…a process of facilitating and accelerating an organization’s journey towards greater digital maturity.

Building on this, Mike sets out the work necessary to transform an organization where science is critical to success. A key element is the early and continuous delivery of value to the business.

Mike Connell | 1m24s | Digital Transformation Defined for Science Driven Businesses

“Successful digital transformation comes not from implementing new technologies, but from transforming your organization to take advantage of the possibilities that new technologies can provide.”

– MIT Center for Digital Business

Digitally Transforming Research

Laboratories can offer orders of magnitude improvements in efficiency and results through digital transforming. In this video, Mike talks about possibilities in chemistry, where digitally transformed processes can speed work up so dramatically, that the relationship with laboratory customers changes dramatically.

In laboratories, modeling and simulation, combined with new scientific software skills enable the innovation necessary to create a new generation of workflows, driving change in how customers are engaged.These improvements are only realized through an integrated approach that addresses all elements of an organization’s digital maturity.

Mike Connell | 2m30s | Digitally Transforming a Chemicals Research Laboratory

Uber: Digital Transformation and Industry Disruption

There are underlying lessons to be learned from considering the difference between a taxi company and Uber. Both have access to the same set of technologies: mobile phones, mobile apps, credit card processing, GPS and turn-by-turn navigation. 

Yet the typical taxi company is worth in the order of $10M while Uber is worth in the order of $100B.  The key difference is not in how the technologies are leveraged, but in the way each company is set up to take advantage of the possibilities that these technologies can provide (through organizational structure, business model, etc.).

Mike Connell | 1m45s | Uber – A Case Study in Digital Transformation

Develop Scientists and Engineers into Leaders of the Digital Future

The Digital Transformation Technical Leaders Program is a multi-year effort designed to develop scientists and engineers into digital scientists and engineers who will become the technical leaders of tomorrow.

The program combines training, apprenticeship, and real-life workplace problem solving to accelerate the development of technical teams.