An Introduction to Enthought Leadership

The Enthought leadership team have highly diverse backgrounds from multiple industries, from startups to Fortune 50s. What brings them together is a passion for creating possibilities and turning them into reality.

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Eric Jones,
Bill Cowan,
Didrik Pinte,
Mike Connell,
VP, Organizational Transformation
Charlie Cosad,
VP, Energy Solutions
Chris Farrow,
VP, Global Consulting
Robyn Cardwell,
Director, Life Sciences
Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc,
Director, Training Solutions
Andrew Collette,
Director, Enthought Platform
Mark Dickinson,
Principal Architect
Tim Diller,
Director, Digital Transformation Services
Brendon Hall,
Director, Energy Solutions
Jodi Havranek,
Corporate Controller
Robert Kern,
Principal Engineer
Colin McNeece,
Director, Digital Transformation Services
Corran Webster,
Director of Consulting, Europe

When billion dollar business outcomes depend on hard science, you need a partner that understands both. Let’s empower your people to move faster and discover more.

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