Build A Digitally-Enabled Scientific Workforce

By deepening the digital capabilities of the people within the R&D organization, from managers to scientists, Enthought builds digital DNA, cultivating a system for continuous innovation and promoting sustained growth.

Increase Internal Digital Skills and Capabilities

Today's innovative companies need scientists who have strong digital skills in addition to their domain expertise, but everyone is fighting for the same digital talent. You can't always just hire them, and most companies don't have the resources or technical capabilities to create them from scratch. Enthought fills the gap and helps build your digitally enabled scientific workforce.

Through our best-in-class mentor-based development programs, Enthought arms scientists and R&D leaders with new digital skills so they can be catalysts of innovation and value creation. Through the process, we change mindsets about how to approach their research questions and evaluating what's possible, opening up new opportunities for their companies.

Enthought offers customized development programs within our large engagements as well the established programs below.


Through Enthought’s unique Materials Informatics Acceleration Program, our world-class team of training and materials informatics experts work alongside in-house scientists to leverage the wealth of tools in the scientific computing ecosystem and to develop tailored scientific software solutions.

The digital skills mix varies widely across companies, from those just starting to invest in digital transformation initiatives, to ones well into their journey. Building a community of people who think digitally and are able to innovate and quickly prototype ideas is key to delivering results.

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