Who We Are

Who We Are

Enthought powers digital transformation for science. Our technology and deep scientific expertise enable faster discovery and continuous innovation. We build your digitally enabled workforce and arm them with analytics-ready scientific data to be catalysts of value creation in science and business.

Our Impact

Enthought was created in 2001, when CEO Eric Jones was doing postdoctoral research in electrical engineering at Duke University. Eric recognized the potential of the Python scientific software stack to solve tough science problems and remove much of the drudgery experienced by technical experts. To harness this potential, in 2002 Eric gathered about 50 like-minded scientists at CalTech for what would become the first SciPy Conference.

Over the past 20 years Enthought scientists have made numerous significant contributions in scientific software. These include co-creating the original SciPy package, co-founding the SciPy conference in 2002, creating the initial scikit-learn package, founding the HDF5 for Python (h5py) software project, co-creating OUQ theory and creating and maintaining wxPython, a cross-platform GUI toolkit.

Today, Enthought is on a mission to help science-driven organizations fully realize the competitive advantage and business success that can be achieved from digitally transforming science. 90% of our global technical team have advanced STEM degrees, with 65% holding Ph.D. 's. We are fluent in the language of science and passionate about solving the toughest challenges. We collaborate with clients in their digital transformation initiatives to create possibilities that deliver orders of magnitude performance improvements – in business results and expert efficiency.

Digital Transformation

To form a fully-realizable digital transformation strategy, change must be foundational, iterative, and comprehensive. This means both introducing technology and changing the business ecosystem to capture the value generated by that technology. That includes people – their skills, behaviors, mindsets, and processes. The Enthought approach, which combines technology, people, and processes, ensures digital transformation becomes the catalyst for value. It yields market differentiation, accelerating the advancement of innovations and their global impact.

Digitally Powered Scientific Innovation

Digital efforts are often limited because people are only envisioning improvements to their current systems but the intersection of science and technology offers an entirely new set of possibilities for those that can see it. Enthought partners with clients to deliver process optimization, workflow acceleration, and innovative solutions to deliver immediate value.

Digital DNA

Build a digitally-enabled workforce. Enthought arms scientists and engineers with analytics-ready scientific data, purpose-built tools and the digital skills to be catalysts of innovation and value creation in both science and business. We change mindsets, encouraging teams to generate new ideas and imagine new goals.

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Time to Innovate

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