Being Part of Enthought

Enthought is a unique group of people who are interested in practical applications, in solving challenging,  very different problems, in applying their foundational technical skills across a variety of domains. One of the keys is Enthought does not constrain people to their area of their expertise. 

In this video, VP, Organizational Transformation Mike Connell talks about what a scientist can expect from a career at Enthought. One of the greatest rewards is when we solve a problem for a client in a way they never thought was possible. This is what it is about to work at Enthought.

Mike Connell | 2m21s | The Experience and Values at Enthought

A Passion for Science

During the course of their careers, our scientists and engineers take on challenges across multiple fields, working with clients to creatively solve their most difficult problems.

Among the industries we work in are chemistry, manufacturing, energy, biotechnology, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals, as well as government entities and national laboratories.

Software Developer Candidates

Ideal software developer candidates often have a strong background in scientific fields, but also find themselves gravitating to the software development and design aspects of their work.


Meet Some Enthought Developers

Current Open Positions: