True DX in the Pharma R&D Lab Defined by Enthought

Enthought’s team in Japan exhibited at the Pharma IT & Digital Health Expo 2022 life sciences conference in Tokyo, to meet with pharmaceutical industry leaders gathering for technological insight and to revitalize market growth. 200 companies exhibited across the 3-day in-person event, which drew over 6,700 attendees.

With digital transformation a headline theme, the show offered a great opportunity to engage with our target audience and showcase Enthought innovations that are accelerating novel discovery in the pharmaceutical industry.

We were honored to have Mr. Atsushi Hyogo of Daiichi Sankyo with us to present with Enthought’s Senior Executive, Dai Ike. Mr. Hyogo presented real world applications of digital transformation realized with Enthought technology and deep scientific expertise. He showed that true DX—and partnering with Enthought—is empowering faster scientific discovery and continuous innovation at Daiichi Sankyo and supporting their 2030 vision to transition a data-driven model of management.

Dai Ike framed the true value of digital transformation that Enthought brings to customers across Japan.

Our work makes it possible for scientists to expand the capacity of their work within their companies because we concentrate on three critical areas of improvement: process, technology, and people.

Altogether, Enthought changes the workflow and eases the workload within R&D labs, allowing iterations of testing to continuously be brought into analysis and lead to faster drug discovery.

Daiichi Sankyo, one of the top twenty pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide, has experienced game-changing results by partnering with Enthought to transform R&D. Mr. Hyogo, former Director of Oncology, led the way in establishing change that pushed his lab into a higher range of performance. Sensing an impending crisis and the danger of falling behind the market, Daiichi Sankyo began a DX initiative, but they knew that they needed support from an experienced partner, and Enthought met all the qualities they sought. “Enthought is clearly the best DX partner for us because they are both technologists and scientists, and they have experience in the life sciences domain,” stated Mr. Hyogo.

DX is a core theme at the moment in Japan, and it has taken on urgency in pharmaceuticals that is unparalleled in other industries. As companies are evolving through similar problems, they face misunderstandings of DX by top management. DX is much more than commonly thought. It goes far beyond digitizing and organizing data to connect scientists with technologies for automating iterative testing and analysis. Most companies have no idea where or how to start. At Enthought, we are encouraged by how eager companies are to start on a DX journey and we have a program to jumpstart the work together.

True DX addresses the business ecosystem, and starts with the scientists in the R&D lab.

Enthought occupies a valuable and unique role in the DX conversation. Many companies use the term DX when they talk about shifting the traditional business relationships over to new platforms or applications, such as connecting patients and doctors through mobile technology, developing social media for healthcare companies, or new health management systems. We deliver change at the level of science. We change the way companies are doing science.

There are opportunities to continue to expand in the area of life sciences in Japan and deliver value to companies that struggle with the many demands for DX and are seeking one, reliable and proven partner, such as Enthought.

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True DX in the Pharma R&D Lab Defined by Enthought

Enthought’s team in Japan exhibited at the Pharma IT & Digital Health Expo 2022 life sciences conference in Tokyo, to meet with pharmaceutical industry leaders…

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