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Machine Learning Track & Certificate
3 Courses

Students gain foundational expertise in applying machine learning techniques to solve scientific problems. Strong emphasis is on preparing data for the ML workflow. We cover neural network models and the latest techniques for building, tuning and running models.

Data Analysis Track & Certificate
4 Courses

Students exit this certified track with foundational expertise in handling, analyzing, and reporting on data from a variety of sources. Exercises are true to real-world problem solving with focus on presentation of findings to non-specialists.

Tool Maker Track & Certificate
3 Courses

Designed for researchers to build their own software tools. At the forefront of research, the right tools are rarely available to support researcher objectives. Students acquire the software development skills needed to develop and modify tools, and instruction in managing teams.

Manager Track & Certificate
5 Courses

In this certified track of study, Managers learn the ideas, rationale and best practices of digital transformation. They leave knowing how to develop teams that embrace digital science.

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