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Digital Transformation for Scientists & Engineers

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Digital Transformation for Scientists & Engineers

Track Managerial Track

In the culminating course of the Manager Track, students are taught how to think about digital transformation in organizations. How do digital skills help transform scientific R&D? What organizational mind-shifts are needed for successful digital transformation? How to lead and foster the digital mindset?

Course Hours6 hours

Course Overview

This course is a series of three discussion-intensive seminars on digital transformation (DTX) for science R&D.

The first seminar focuses on the definition of digital transformation in the context of scientific research and development. From there it narrows its focus on the digital skills and infrastructure needed. The seminar closes with a discussion of the governance requirements for DTX.

The second seminar shifts to the cultural requirements for digital transformation. For DTX, the organization needs to shift to a mindset that encourages and supports experimentation and agility. Here, change and change management become key elements.

The third seminar takes the concepts learned in the first two and blends them into a recipe for practical digital transformation. How does an organization mix the right blend of top-down and bottom-up approaches? How is the change inherent in DTX best managed in an incremental fashion to minimize risk, reduce time to value, and maximize learning? What kinds of goals and timeframes are reasonable to expect when embarking on DTX?


This course has no formal prerequisites. However, general knowledge about scientific programming, data management, machine learning, and/or software engineering will be useful context in this course. This knowledge can be built by following the Manager Track and Certificate program in Enthought Academy.


Seminar 1: Technical Prerequisities for DTX

Skills, Infrastructure, Governance

Seminar 2: Cultural Prerequisities for DTX

Experimentation, Agility, Change

Seminar 3: Practical DTX

Top-Down vs Bottom-Up, Incremental DTX


Enthought instructors have advanced degrees in scientific fields such as physics engineering, computer science, and mathematics, and all have extensive experience through research and consulting in applying Python to solve complex problems across a range of industries allowing them to bring their real world experience to the classroom every day.

Download the syllabus for this course here.

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Our Scientific Python Experts

Enthought Academy instructors are scientists and engineers themselves and have deep knowledge and understanding of the strategies and technologies covered in each track, and extensive practical experience applying Python to solve complex challenges across a range of science-based industries.

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