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Desktop Application Prototyping for Scientists & Engineers

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Desktop Application Prototyping for Scientists & Engineers

Track Tool Maker Track

This course is a workshop in building a data entry tool and an interactive data visualization tool. Gain practical experience building working desktop applications to assist with R&D efforts.

Course Hours20 hours

Course Overview

Desktop Application Prototyping for Scientists and Engineers is designed to enable scientists to start building quick desktop tools to assist in their research and development efforts.

For instance, it is often useful to create a custom data entry application where data is validated and displayed as it is entered; this kind of tool can improve data quality as well as decrease the costs of data collection.

Another example is a custom interactive data visualization tool that allows a scientist to explore a problem in a novel way.

In this workshop class, we will build both a data entry tool and an interactive data visualization tool. Each student will gain practical experience building working desktop applications.


This course requires basic proficiency with Python and the scientific Python stack. Some practical experience with Jupyter Notebooks, NumPy (ndarrays), Pandas (DataFrames), and scientific visualization in Python using Matplotlib are essential to working with the code and concepts presented in this course.

If you have taken Enthought’s Python Foundations for Scientists and Engineers, you have the requisite background knowledge for this course.


Desktop Applications for R&D – Introduction, Examples of Use Cases
Review of OOP – Review of Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Designing a Data Entry App – Data Types, Widgets, Controls, GUI Layout
Making Data InteractiveInitialization, Calculations, Observers
Controlling Data EntryValidation, Formatting, User Feedback
Designing a Visualization App – Static & Dynamic Visualizations
Making Visualization Interactive – Controls, Linking Visualizations
Mouse Interactions – Pan, Zoom, Select, Annotate
More Complex AppsMenus, Tabs
Deploying Desktop AppsHow to Share New Tools


Enthought instructors have advanced degrees in scientific fields such as physics, engineering, computer science, and mathematics, and all have extensive experience through research and consulting in applying Python to solve complex problems across a range of industries, allowing them to bring their real world experience to the classroom every day.


chaco, traits, traitsui

Download the syllabus for this course here.


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Our Scientific Python Experts

Enthought Academy instructors are scientists and engineers themselves and have deep knowledge and understanding of the strategies and technologies covered in each track, and extensive practical experience applying Python to solve complex challenges across a range of science-based industries.

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