True DX in the Pharma R&D Lab Defined by Enthought

May 25, 2022

Enthought’s team in Japan exhibited at the Pharma IT & Digital Health Expo 2022 life sciences conference in Tokyo, to meet with pharmaceutical industry leaders gathering for technological insight and to revitalize market growth. 200 companies exhibited across the 3-day in-person event, which drew over 6,700 attendees. With digital transformation a headline theme, the show…

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Life Sciences Labs Optimize with New Digital Technologies and Upskilling

May 16, 2022

Labs are resetting the trajectory for drug development: reducing timelines from years to months; decreasing costs from billions to millions; and gaining an advantage by delivering drugs to market in months rather than decades. This value combination is a compelling case for investment in digital capability and organizational transformation. A 100x or 1000x advance in…

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Enthought | Digital Transformation of the Materials Science R&D Lab

Digital Transformation of the Materials Science R&D Lab

Mar 31, 2022

“Digital transformation”, “machine learning”, and “artificial intelligence” are buzzwords heard in every industry, from the boardroom to the lab. We asked Dr. Michael Heiber, lead of Enthought’s Materials Informatics Acceleration Program, about what these technology trends mean for the future of materials and chemical labs and product development. Q: What are some of the top…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Deep Learning

Feb 9, 2022

Deep learning. By this point, we’ve all heard of it. It’s the magic silver bullet that can fix any complex problem. It’s the special ingredient that can take any bland or rudimentary analysis and create an immense five course meal of actionable insights. But, what is at the core of this machine learning technique? Is…

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