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Enthought | Materials Science and Chemistry

What Materials Informatics Looks Like in the Modern R&D Lab

Aug 29, 2023

The Modern Materials Science and Chemistry Lab Industry success now more than ever is being dictated by the ability to continuously develop innovative new materials and chemicals, and companies are looking to Materials Informatics solutions as the key. What is Materials Informatics? Materials Informatics (MI) is the modern approach to materials discovery and product development…

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Cheat Sheet | Large Language Models+ For Scientific Research

Jul 5, 2023

Large Language Models+ For Scientific Research Updated August 2023 LLMs and Tools for R&D To help scientists and researchers navigate the increasing number of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) options, Enthought’s experts put together this summary of Large Language Models (LLMs) and related tools that are most relevant for R&D updated as of early August 2023.…

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Enthought eBook: Five Barriers to Digital Transformation in the Materials Science Industry

[eBook] Digital Transformation in the Materials Science Industry

Oct 21, 2022

Building the Materials and Chemicals Lab of the Future Materials and chemical companies know that building a digital “lab of the future” to accelerate discovery and innovation is now essential to remain competitive, but many don’t know where to begin or how to justify the immediate value of upleveling their lab. Enthought has been digitally…

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[White Paper] Optimized Workflows in the Life Sciences

Oct 11, 2022

Optimized Workflows: Towards Reproducible, Extensible and Scalable Bioinformatics Pipelines A bioinformatics pipeline is an analysis workflow that takes input data files in unprocessed raw form through a series of transformations to produce output data in a human-interpretable form. A bioinformatics pipeline evolves through five phases. Pipeline bioinformaticians first seek to collect and explore the essential…

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