Values we work by

A Pursuit of Excellence

Enthought developers strive to produce high quality software and training products that meet the needs of our customers in a timely manner. We have an outstanding staff of experienced, well-educated, and hardworking developers who have the knowledge and skill to solve the complex problems our clients bring to us. Our team finds great satisfaction in designing sophisticated solutions, ferreting out bugs, and optimizing the workflow of our end users.

People over Process

Enthought relies on individual judgments every day to write software, learn new skills, and interact with customers. We recognize the expertise and integrity of the people on our team and trust each other to make decisions that advance our development goals and ensure customer satisfaction. The intentional lack of hierarchy on our staff reflects our belief that each person has valuable contributions to make to the success of our company. We therefore employ only as much "management" as needed to ensure coordination and communication.

Commitment to Communicate

Each staff member takes responsibility for effective communication within our organization. We believe that effective communication relies on shared experience to increase the bandwidth of information flow. We are committed to utilizing a range of resources — email, meetings, white boards, wikis, documentation, webinars — to maintain a high level of internal awareness on development initiatives and client relations. And of course, we collaborate with our customers in the same open and consistent manner so that their suggestions and concerns enhance our development process.

Dedication to Open Source

Enthought values open source software and dedicates significant resources towards open source projects. Many technical applications are best suited to be open source software, and it allows the work we do at Enthought to spread beyond our own vision and capabilities. It is imperative to remember, however that our profitability is what allows us to contribute to open source software. Therefore, we highly value methods to monetize and sustain our open source involvement.

Greater Good

Our pursuit of excellence, reliance on teamwork and communication, and dedication to the open source community reflect our deep-seated belief that we have the potential to make the world a better place. We aspire to involve ourselves in development projects and business initiatives where our efforts most benefit the greater good.