Rafael Pinto


Rafael Pinto

Scientific Software Developer

Rafael holds a M.S. in geophysics applied to oil and gas development from the Colorado School of Mines and a B.S. in geophysical engineering from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. He is passionate about developing innovative applications that assist subject matter experts in unlocking value, such as web apps that make it easier to find insights in large data sets and adapting solutions from interdisciplinary fields.

Before joining Enthought, Rafael worked for a decade as a geophysicist at Noble Energy, where he characterized oil reservoirs and matured prospects through seismic interpretation and inversion. During this time, he also learned to use Python for automation and reproducibility, which bridged his transition into data analytics applied to resource plays. He then worked as a data analyst at EPAM Systems, where he transformed the vision of their energy customers into actionable software requirements.

In his spare time, Rafael enjoys honing his coding skills, discovering new swimming holes, and exploring the local food scene.