One central hub for all of your R&D needs.

Edge is a cloud-native platform built for scientists to access data wherever it is stored, solve R&D problems in computational notebooks, and build web applications to rapidly put solutions into production.

Innovate with analysis-ready data.

  • Remove the go-betweens and manual steps in accessing data for analysis so you can focus on the science.
  • Use familiar tools like Jupyter notebooks that have been enhanced to enable collaboration and easy access to data.
  • Access fully flexible compute power in your Jupyter notebooks while keeping cloud costs low.
  • Ensure your analysis environments are 100% reproducible and secure when built with the Enthought Python distribution.

Scale your competitive advantage.

  • Deploy digital solutions in a streamlined and structured way on a horizontally scalable infrastructure.
  • Put your digital innovations in production in minutes not months. Waste no time setting up and maintaining one-off stacks.
  • Accelerate your time to value and reduce your total cost of ownership using fully integrated best-in-class technologies with enterprise-grade support.

Designed for science. Built for the Enterprise.

  • Edge is data-location agnostic. Use Edge to centralize your data and/or connect Edge to your  data management systems and data sources.
  • Monitor and manage your cloud costs with the Edge resource management tools. Gain full visibility into your cloud footprint to reduce risks and spend your budget with full precision for maximum impact.
  • Choose a deployment model that best serves your needs (Single tenant / private VPC deployments available).
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Edge brings Enthought's 20+ years of scientific Python leadership and best-practices to your Enterprise.


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