The most advanced evolution of Enthought’s industry-defining platform for scientific applications.

Increase productivity while fostering innovation with our cloud-native platform for production-grade, scientific Python solutions and web applications. Built to empower scientific Python practitioners with 3x productivity and enable collaboration, with horizontal scalability.

Leverage Edge to rapidly deliver production-grade, scientific solutions that create business value from Day 1.


Enthought's renowned scientific apps are developed and deployed on Edge— practitioners across your organization can access and run apps on a horizontally scalable infrastructure.

Why Edge?

Stop wasting resources on building, integrating, and maintaining a one-off solution to serve your scientific applications. Shorten your time to value by taking advantage of a world-class managed service for running your scientific solutions.

OSS or Low-level Cloud Infrastructure Edge
Authorization Significant devops coding & maintenance required Fully integrated and managed OAuth for built-in and custom applications. Edge integrates with SSO providers supporting Oauth2
Production-grade Python packages Significant devops coding & maintenance required The most stable scientific Python distribution with performance optimizations. Battle-hardened over 15 years with more than 100 million downloads
Package Distribution Significant devops coding & maintenance required
Integrated package server with robust dependency resolution and replicated backups. Widely used in the semiconductors, energy, and pharmaceutical sectors
Application Deployment
Significant full-stack coding & maintenance required Edge Integrates with standard container registry providers (quay, Dockerhub, or AWS ECR) and allows Admins to manage different deployments from a console
Horizontal Scaling Significant devops coding & maintenance required Fully integrated and managed Kubernetes cluster to autoscale your infrastructural footprint up and down based on user loads
Vertical Scaling Significant devops coding & maintenance required Edge allows you to run computational profiles (CPU and GPU) with architecturally appropriate packages to seamlessly scale your application workloads
Data Integration Significant full-stack coding & maintenance required Ready-to-use connectors for standard data sources. Browse data files and data sources in a point-and-click GUI
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Jupyter notebooks on Edge - a user experience by scientists, for scientists delivering 3x productivity

  • Built-in, low-code access to data stores

  • Horizontally scalable compute on Kubernetes

  • AWS cloud-hosting - no time wasted on virtual
    environments or local installations


Enhanced JupyterLab Experience

JupyterLab OSS Edge Analysis
(Built on JupyterLab)
Auth Limited Built-in SSO auth and Keycloak integration for any Enterprise auth scheme
Support Community support Enthought's expert Python support and enablement team
Horizontal scaling on Kubernetes Significant devops coding
& maintenance required
Out-of-the-box, Kubernetes-native
architecture and horizontal autoscaling
Significant full-stack coding
& maintenance required
Enthought develops and maintains Jupyter customizations and widgets of any size
Built-in Data Sources X Built-in Pythonic and GUI data source connectors and file uploaders. Spend time on scientific Python - not data engineering.
App Deployment X Enthought can productionize and deploy analysis notebooks as applications on Edge
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Edge brings Enthought's 20+ years of scientific Python leadership and best-practices to your Enterprise.


More Data Connectors
and Additional Search Functionality

Edge lets scientists focus on scientific computing rather than data engineering by making it easy to connect and search across Enterprise data stores (fully-featured search coming 2023).


Talk to us about unlocking the power of Edge for your business.

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