Empower Labs, Simplify IT

The Cloud-Native Computational Platform Purpose-Built for Agile Scientific R&D

Edge is an end-to-end R&D solution with a decentralized, self-serve design built for scientists, data teams, and enterprise IT. Access data wherever it is stored, conduct complex data analysis, easily deploy custom applications into production, and self-manage compute resources—all in and from one secure portal.


Accelerate data analysis and innovation in the lab

  • Access structured and unstructured data, no matter where it's stored, in a unified environment with the Edge data fabric.
  • Streamline analysis with one no-code portal to ELNs, LIMs, domain-specific tools, and in-house custom data solutions.
  • Securely share data, analyses, and the algorithms behind them with internal and external collaborators.

Scale digital solutions with a modular and flexible infrastructure.

  • Eliminate the need for hard-to-maintain glue code or managing a dozen+ vendor APIs with the Edge API.
  • Put custom tools and applications into production in minutes not months, in one environment for end-users.
  • Self-serve and self-manage compute resources and cloud costs without IT involvement.

Simplify governance and increase agility for R&D

  • Deploy Edge one-time, irrespective of the number of users or levels of computational needs. 
  • Provides all user authentication, supports single sign-on (SSO), and seamlessly integrates with upstream identity providers.
  • Decentralized governance enables more agile R&D while in compliance with enterprise policies